[All Platforms] Add time synced lyrics

Can we have time synced lyrics, Spotify been in the music game long enough to understand that it's an important feature, most of us leave the app and open a browser just to check the lyrics.

don't mark this idea as duplicated and link me a to a post that was made 4 years ago, also am not asking for normal lyrics that we already have (behind the lyrics or story line)am asking for Time Synced lyrics just like Apple Music offers.


check the videos to understand what I mean.


or this 



Updated on 2019-12-02

Hey folks,
We really appreciate so many of you coming to the Community, adding your votes and comments to this idea!
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
Thanks .


Spotify is indeed the biggest streaming music in the world right now. It is a shame that it left out one of the most important feature ever, LYRIC. Well, since 2019 about to end soon, hopefully we'll get a new exciting update in 2020. 🙂


Setting this to "Not right now" confirms that testing something doesn't mean that it will be implemented:

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Why not? No information to share? I can tell you what to share. Why it cannot be done? I don’t like the fact the Spotify is not transparent with their users. That’s why I would never trust Spotify and have enough faith in this company. It always feel like they have an agenda and don’t have user’s best interest in mind. 


Every company has an agenda and it's to make profit and please their shareholders. I don't get why you think that their (or any other) company's number one agenda would be to please their users. 

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Spotify’s agenda is to get more users, specifically premium users. Their biggest competitor has one of Spotify’s most highly requested feature. To the point that current Spotify users are leaving or threatening to leave Spotify in favor of their competition. Almost every top music streaming service (Apple Music, Amazon music, Deezer, and Napster) have this feature. Spotify went in hard   On podcasts and it seems to be working, but at the same time people listen to music more. Spotify should be at the forefront of innovation. They may not have the money Apple does, but they have a steady follower base. I mean they have a whole community for people to share ideas and requested features, what other company’s have that? So let’s not dismiss this idea, hold them to the fire as this is a feature a lot of people have been asking for and rightly so, the implantation of Synced lyrics on Apple Music is amazing. Let’s just hope that Spotify can do just as well, if not better. Thanks!

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Also Musixmatch features Spotify as a partnered company, As seen below is the customer story page. This page was created approximately September 2019, being that the Album by Post Malone featured as an example was released on September 6th. Meaning it is relatively new and shows that Time synced Lyrics are still being provided to Spotify. So screw you “Not right now” guy and do some research. We are so close to something great, don’t give up now!



Nice find Jack!

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Thanks, Just wanted to mention a point on the website called “Global Licensing” . Global Licensing essentially means that Spotify will be releasing lyrics on a broad scale, meaning many different countries at a rapid rate. Allowing Spotify to release in your country quicker because they don’t have to renegotiate Licensing deals with each country they want to release this feature in.

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Spotify are so arrogant and stupid i am going over to apple and cancelling my subscription.

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So I guess lyrics is too hard, but now you can ... make a playlist for your dog?
wth nobody asked for this, But do you know what over 15,000 ask’d for? It’s lyrics it’s flipping’ lyrics

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