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[All Platforms] Announce Song Name and Artist

Sometimes am listening to Spotify and I want to know what I am listening to, but I cannot check what it is. There should be a setting that when you enable it, the computer reads the artist, album, and song name to you.

Updated on 2021-06-07

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Is there any update on this?


Please add this future it's 2023 and we still need it.


Seems like this could be integrated with the new DJ feature. I always thought this would be an awesome feature. There is a reason that old school radio DJ would list songs before playing them. It helps people learn song names, discover new artist (not just the tune), and helps artists name spread that otherwise would get buried in a continuous song movement, 


If not already mentioned in this this thread's posts, I have an Android-Only, Google Assistant-Only, sloppy workaround:


1. Songs (note that songs have lyrics and vocals) :

     1a. If you keep your phone locked, Enable Google Assistant on the Lock Screen.

     1b. Ask your phone, "Who's singing this?". It doesn't matter if they're singing at the moment your ask I've found, and . . . sometimes when it needs to think a bit more, you'll see the animated "frequency meter" pop up and try to figure it out that way. It then tells you the song title and artist.


2. Tunes (Tunes are instrumental only, no vocals) :

     2a. If you keep your phone locked, Enable Google Assistant on the Lock Screen.

     2b. Ask your phone, "Who's playing this?". Then it's the routine as 1b.


Not to criticize Android Assistant in any way in this particular post, but this workaround is primitive. It's exceptionally sloppy  for me, especially when you consider that I like to listen to my music loud enough to ambient noise like the shower and/or bathroom fan. That means I have to yell, "HEY GOOGLE" annoyingly loud to get the music to stop so I can ask those questions. It annoys everyone in the house, and the neighbors too. I've told then it's a problem with Spotify. That's not the kind of  PR any company I know would like to have. 


Unless someone says different, at this point it appears that this feature request is being ignored. I can promise you this: The moment that Google Music or Amazon Music has this feature, I will jump the Spotify ship. This feature is that important to me. 


Regards . . .


P.S. After I posted this post, I was taken to this page: 

Given that link is from June 2018, that's 5 years ago, I'd question the sincerity of that thread. However, you can Thumbs-UP it there if you like to, which I just did.


Excellent idea. I posted the same thing myself as I couldn't see anything like it. But I really hope this goes ahead. It seems very simple to implement.


So... I was quite excited to try out the new AI DJ feature, thinking that this would basically be incorporating this suggestion.


But... am I doing something wrong? It will create a suggested playlist and read out some info on the songs occasionally. But I can't just make it so the title and artist announcement between each song like I hoped.


Hopefully this is something that will be added at the feature develops?


I've been waiting for this feature for so long. As a developer myself I reckon it's technically rather simple. But as always, it's all about priorities.


Would be nice for cycling 


Instead of reading on a computer, it would be more beneficial to announce the artist / song audibly. This would satisfy both computer and phone users, instead of just targeting a single segment. Having this as an on/off feature would be fantastic.


Add the ability to announce user preferred song info (metadata). When I listen to playlists with multiple artists, or to playlists with unfamiliar songs, I'd like the ability to have Spotify announce desired info about the song, similar to like a radio dj would.


I'd like to be able to customize what info is spoken per my own preferences.  (artist name, track name, year released, where the artist is from, random tidbit about the artist, how often it's said [every song change, every few], dj voice type)



"That was Planet Telex, released in 1995."

"That was Planet Telex by Radiohead, who is from Abingdon, England."


This is different from the newly implemented "DJ" mode that Spotify has. This dj-mode idea is not necessarily AI powered and can be used when playing any playlist.