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[All Platforms] Changelog after each Update (In-App)

With each new update, no matter what gets added or taken away, there is a curious lack of accountability from the actual staff, and the (paying) userbase are left confused.


Why can we not drag from iTunes into our playlists anymore? Why can we not order our playlist columns as we see fit?


So a detailed, easily accessible, log after each update would sort this. In this log should be a list of all the changes made with each update, and with the reasons why the changes were made. This is most important.


We pay for this service. Why should we be left utterly confused with each update? We're left to scurry over to this forum, where your lackeys (who actually aren't on the development team) have no choice but to say 'I don't know' to each question, and with each request to implement back a feature in the Ideas section, the only response is 'This is not a priority'.


What's wrong with some honesty, eh?

Updated on 2018-10-03


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange with your feedback.

We're keeping this status as 'Not Right Now' for the time being.

Right now, we don't have plans to implement a detailed change log with both changes and reasoning behind it for every app update. For news about updates we've made, please keep an eye here on the Idea Exchange as well as on our News Blog


We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and we'll check back in here if we have any other info.



Is there any new information from Spotify on why they aren't posting the changelog? If I update the app, which I feel is getting worse and worse, I want to know for what I am updating it. I'm seriously considering switching to another streaming provider...


You just keep getting worse and worse. Your latest update is a big hot mess.


I just installed a ~100 Mb update to the Spotify desktop app and no release notes?


I suppose your devs don't write unit tests either or enter comments for your codebase?


This request has over 1500 votes and "not right now"?


The notes don't have to be detailed, just high-level bullets FFS! 🤣🤣🤣


  • "Removed the ability for playlists to consecutively play"
  • "Increased maximum crossfade second limit"
  • "Implemented patch notes in User Settings"

Overall I love your service, but lately, I'm not feeling it, especially around the way playlist functionality currently sits.


1 Mb of code is roughly 10,000 lines of code, and you just shoved 1,000,000 of em in your latest update.


SuperMario, out. 💯









This is pretty ridiculous that there are still no published release notes.  It is great to see so many releases on such a quick schedule.  Spotify surely keeps changes on each release documented internally, what's so hard about copying and pasting this into a public location?  It's software engineering 101.  Inform your users and customers what you are changing/improving.


This idea is not a new one - but we see that behiour only in proprietary relations. In every open source project a changelog tells you what happened and why.

Increasing a version number without a changelog is like painting a wall from white to red then to white again and again.

Every good developer like to have a changelog log only poor ones omit that maybe at cost of paying customers.

It even tells a poor valuing of customers.


Well, today I realized that the desktop version now has a Lyrics button.

Normally I only open it , minimize and play the song, I don't look at the app, but hey, this is an awesome feature.

So, I want to ask you pretty devs, what's wrong with you? Why don't you show us this awesome features?

Because they laid off the people person. Where is my office space gifs!

So I came here wondering where were the Spotify Release notes
I don't know, maybe they removed the ability to skip ads if you aren't on Spotify (yeah that was a thing)
5 Second ads are mandatory
and the album issue... why can't we view albums.

They could just say:

  • Ads will now be 5 seconds long
  • Albums can't be viewed on Mobile for Free Users

And I would be fine, better give an honest truth than stay in speculation... for a customer's perspective


what it's right now. its idea be studies right now with the new features posted (as app to Tip of Microsoft for Windows 10) rebooting the app. 




This has bugged me for so long that I've finally taken the time to figure out whether or not Spotify releases update notes of any kind. I am sorely disappointed to have found this very old thread, and very recent comments, that has been left to die. This is clearly something apt users of the community desire, and something I think we all agree we deserve. Please, Spotify PM's or whomever would be in charge of gathering this information, start delegating within your departments and start having meetings so teams are on the same page. The consumers deserve to know what is changing in an app they potentially pay for.