[All Platforms] Changelog after each Update (In-App)

With each new update, no matter what gets added or taken away, there is a curious lack of accountability from the actual staff, and the (paying) userbase are left confused.


Why can we not drag from iTunes into our playlists anymore? Why can we not order our playlist columns as we see fit?


So a detailed, easily accessible, log after each update would sort this. In this log should be a list of all the changes made with each update, and with the reasons why the changes were made. This is most important.


We pay for this service. Why should we be left utterly confused with each update? We're left to scurry over to this forum, where your lackeys (who actually aren't on the development team) have no choice but to say 'I don't know' to each question, and with each request to implement back a feature in the Ideas section, the only response is 'This is not a priority'.


What's wrong with some honesty, eh?

Updated on 2018-10-03


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange with your feedback.

We're keeping this status as 'Not Right Now' for the time being.

Right now, we don't have plans to implement a detailed change log with both changes and reasoning behind it for every app update. For news about updates we've made, please keep an eye here on the Idea Exchange as well as on our News Blog


We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and we'll check back in here if we have any other info.


Casual Listener

Guys, sorry to say but... 


Spotify deliberately does not implement those features. They actually REMOVED it (cause they had it back in the days). 


And its obvious why.

Because now you don't know in advance that the new version is WORSE than the one before. 

Nobody would have installed the new versions if they had known in advance that they would kill:

+ the star system 

+ shuffle play of all folders 

+ better offline functionality 



It's in-transparency on purpose! 


I can't log in with my Facebook account and in this way I cant go premium. I also cant make a new account because my emailadress is linked to my Facebook. What can I Do? And i Would rather have that I can log in With my Facebook account because then I Will have all my music back.


It would be real fair to see a changelog and best of all before I DECIDE to update.

Clearly said the Google Play Store features a field with latest changes and updates. But spotify does not provide real content there - only "blabla" of staying so updated and getting improved...

Please say there WHAT is done exactly  in update - so paying user can install or NOT INSTALL.

Gig Goer

How many votes needed to change the "Not Right Now" priority?


Ignorance, period. 



We can only assume they are ashamed of what they are doing in their updates otherwise they would publish the changes. I guess writing about the features they have removed over and over again would look bad.


This is standard practice.  How can it not be in-place yet?  Please show us that you're making forward progress for our £10 per month investment.

Casual Listener

There's nothing wrong with showing what features are added into the app. It's annoying seeing the same message "We're always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don't miss a thing, just keep your updates turned on." Soo...what improvements were made? The consumer will the judge of that. There's way too many Not right nows on these forums. 


Do the Beta Testers get Release Notes? Because, if not, that's an even worse experience. If Beta gets Release Notes I'll join right now. 

To be Beta and to have zero Release Notes is even worse because you can't even determine if what you're seeing may be related to a feature getting tested or not. 


Disappointed with the lack of release notes.


I understand that putting them out can lead to problems when users expect a bug to be fixed, but isn't, or when a feature is being A/B tested but isn't user facing, etc. However, it's unfortunate we have absolutely no reference point for what is new in any given version.