[All Platforms][Connect] Allow prioritization (primary device) for multi-devices

So I have Spotify Premium connected on my Home Mini as well as on my phone, and I like listening to music when I'm driving, or on my headphones and that's fine. The issue arises when I'm listening to music while I'm driving and someone back home decides to play music on the Home Mini. This leads to my music stopping, and if I made a temporary playlists (I.e add to queue) then that's lost forever. To solve this, I think you should be able to set a primary device, where if, for example, I'm listening to music on my phone and someone tries to play on the Home mini, it'll block them from using it, with a message like ("Sorry, the primary device is playing music right now") Perhaps with the option to request permision (with a time limit to prevent them from spammiing request).

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Rock Star 23
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