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[All Platforms][Connect] Listen to local files on all platforms

This isn't a new idea, in fact many other users have previously voiced their interest in having the ability to play their whole music collection (including local files) on their favourite platforms.


You see; Spotify isn't just a collection of tracks, it's many people's preferred service for not only finding great music, but also getting the most out of the listening experience.


Spotify's Connect technology already allows us to listen on a vast array of devices, and encourages developers to build functionality into their products.


I love that such technology exists, it makes listening to my favourite music through my TV/AV receiver possible, but I feel that this could be improved by allowing local file streaming in addition.

Updated on 2023-09-11

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and showing your support for this idea.


We're setting this idea to Not Right Now as we don't have any immediate plans to implement it. If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


Take care.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2019-10-27

Hey and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea.

Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here.


For this idea to work Spotify would have to create a cloud where they store all the local data. I doubt they would want to invest this much money to create an additional cloud service without being payed extra. But anyway, would be a great feature to add.


this would be an amazing feature to have on Spotify, I am quite shocked it doesn't already exist.


this needs to be made into a feature, it could be done easily.


This is so frustrating, not being able to play my local files on my Sonos speakers is on the tipping point of a deal-breaker for me. I think Spotify should look into this if they don't want to lose customers.  


This is definitely an idea I can get behind! While having a lot of songs ready to listen to on Spotify, there are a few which you cannot find, which is where this idea comes into play. But it’s how the idea will actually be made which is my concern. As mentioned before, a cloud service would have to be created specifically for this, having to sync data from the desktop app and a user’s account to another device. Still, this is clearly an idea a lot of users want, so it’s worth a shot pitching it again.


This is a feature I would love to have but obviously it will only be considered dependent on the degree of difficulty, cost and how many it benefits.

I had considered that as the local file is on my iPhone then it could be streamed, obviously too simple an explanantion!


This is a must have feature for me. I was able to play "local files" through google play music before I switched to spotify. 


I also just came over from Google play and was let down to find that I couldn't play any songs on my Sonos speakers unless they were already in the Spotify streaming library. I'm subscribed to Spotify for now, but only until some service lets me seamlessly integrate my music with their streaming service. This is a must have, and I can't believe nobody does this.


Very disappointing and ridiculous. How come this hasn't been a feature, to play your local files with Spotify on android tv, many years ago!? It's been requested sooooo many times, still nothing happened. Please wake up.


When that said, Spotify is my first priority (music-streaming), they have a wholelot of underground artists, which I like very much. But Spotify still miss some of my childhood music memories. And therefore it could be such a perfect feature! Which I guess, most would agree with.


I am ready to leave Spotify.  I have Christmas music from our Church band and can't even share when connected to a device.  I can't vote for this idea, Spotify posts nothing about this, I've wasted about 2-hours of my Saturday researching this, Spotify is hiding and ignoring this very well, they don't deserve my subscription until be honest with customers about this, when will it get fixed, why can't it be fixed.  I'm out.  Dropping the mic and my subscription. Will come back when this is fixed.