[All Platforms][Connect] re-categorise podcasts as AUDIO so they play on Connect devices

Podcasts will not play on audio-only Connect devices because Spotify has labelled them as "mixed-media". They are not mixed media, they are audio files.


This is an issue that has been noted by the community for some time (around 18 months at least) and not addressed by Spotify in any serious way. It is not a niche problem as it will affect ALL users who listen to podcasts and own an audio-only Spotify Connect device. In other words, potentially millions of people globally. Please Spotify, rectify this issue as a matter of urgency. I for one am a regular podcast listener who bought an audio-only Connect device so that I could play podcasts through it, only to find that I cannot because of a categorisation error on your part.


To further elucidate the issue, and Spotify's lack of action on it, I point to an earlier (now closed) idea post submitted by another user (charango88) https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/All-Platforms-Connect-Make-Podcasts-playable-on-audio-...


The advice given to this Spotify user was that this is "an issue that's worth investigating" and for them to find relevant help topics. However no relevant help topics exist for this problem.

Status changed to: New Idea

Marked as a new idea 🙂

This is a repost of this inactive idea.


Thank you Peter. The link to the earlier idea you posted is broken. It should be this 


By the by, I should note that the earlier idea got 66 votes, i.e. 2/3's of the necessary amount of votes to be taken forward by Spotify. Considering that there has been the following ideas and help posts about the issue



 Is it possible Peter that you guys at Spotify can place some weight on the fact that this issue has repeatedly come up for users and in different forms of them posing the problem? It would seem that it is sometimes taking users a little time to work out what the root of this problem is and therefore there have been multiple, slightly differing, attempts at solving it. But the fact remains, this is a wide-scale issue.


I had not realised that this was an issue, I just didn't nearly 2 hours messing with my network trying to fix a non existent problem, it is actually down to Spotify to fix this issue