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[All Platforms] Consolidate duplicates

It would be nice if Spotify can recognize identical songs to avoid duplicates in your Liked songs and playlists.


This is pretty common for songs released first as a single then within an album.


For example, if you like the single one, the UI will not show the song as liked when you browse the album. And if you like the song in the album, you'll end up with a duplicated version in your library.

This also happens a lot for songs that you listen in Daily Mix or Discover weekly. If it's not the exact same song you have already liked before, the UI is inconsistent and you can save a duplicate.


Apparently, there is already an internal merge mechanism as the play counter is not split between the different versions of the songs. Maybe this can also be used to consolidate the UI.



Repost of which didn't get enough kudos.

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Here's another idea in the exchange:  Crowdsource the duplicate albums and songs problem.


That idea would solve this problem and many others.

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THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!! I'll search for a song I KNOW I liked A WEEK AGO and becuase of reasons (there's a change in something, publisher or whatever, or just terrible coding), my likes are seemingly gone, they're there! But they're on a different version. WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?


And if I like the songs on the new version, I now have two versions of the same song across two IDENTICAL albums, GREAT. I have to go back to the "old" version and unlike that.


I swear to god Spotify's engineers are CHILDREN. Or monkeys. 

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Artists seem to put the same song on multiple albums.  Would love some way to prevent liking duplicate songs.

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Albums often get re-issued after a while, which means that your likes on a previous version of an album are gone on the current page-listing and can only be found by going straight through your likes-page to the previous listing of the album. It's messy and unorganized.


Perhaps the process on the backend could be altered so that if the meta-data of a song is an exact duplicate, the like-status transfers to the latest active album-listing. By checking the meta-data is a duplicate, different versions of songs should not automatically be liked instead.

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Please open this again,, it's ridiculous that it's still going on


Dear Spotify coders: this is not a feature request, it's a very obvious bug. I could see that it's not neceserally the easiest issue to fix, because sometimes, EP and Album versions with the same song name can differ. However, if OP is correct that the play counter can already identify identical duplicates, it shouldn't be a complicated fix at all.