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Unfortunately, the volume can no longer be changed via PC or smartphone on Xbox when the Spotify client is running on Xbox. However, this function still existed until last week. Have you permanently removed them or will they come back with the next updates? Unfortunately, the missing feature takes a little bit of the option to use the Xbox as a media center. 





Updated on 2020-10-05

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Agree with de_p2 customer service totally ignores this topic.


so I noticed when I connect my phone to my Xbox I can skip songs and listen perfectly. But one thing I noticed is that there is no way to change the volume. Eg when I’m playing a game I cannot change the volume using a shortcut so I have to go out of the game and to the app which is incredibly inconvenient. I think it would be cool to add an option so that if you connect a device you can change the volume on that device using your phone

I believe this feature was implemented in the past. But as of now I cannot adjust the volume of my music on my Xbox without opening the menu and pausing the game. Which is VERY frustrating.

Please realize I'm already managing the in-game audio and audio of other players microphones.

Spotify on Xbox also doesn't have volume normalization across tracks so with each track the volume is different!

Please allow me to adjust the volume using my phone in any capacity it's such a simple thing that would make life so much easier..

Hey mods are you going to just keep merging comments from people WHO WANT THE SAME THING into this thread or actually comment on the situation?


Yes they removed it instead of keeping one of the best functions.  Logic 

Music Fan

This remote volume control option [devices in connect mode] was one of the best feature in Spotify, suddenly removed without explanation.

Also "slider" volume control was removed from expanded view when song is played and background video is visible.

Maybe I'm wrong but i found somewhere here a post made be iPhone user who complain about this cross-device volume control. He said when he VOL+ his remote music player his iPhone also increase volume and he was angry of that, also he suggest to make separate volume control slider for iPhone volume and remote volume, so maybe that was a reason because we've lost this remote volume function just after apple iOS update.

Maybe s**tify acting as a loyal servant of his highness ap*le supervisor got a direction from Tsar and remove all code instead of fit it.


Hi Spotify Moderators, 


I have been notified that a number of comments have been edited/merged/removed by moderators, yet 6 months after reaching the votes goal we have not yet had any response. If the moderators are active in changing comments, why can't they provide a response to the 2,000+ users experiencing this issue?


BUMP for @RaikouWolf - Ill stick around this thread till they either give us an answer or delete any history of this issue so they don't have to take responsibility