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[All Platforms] Customize Start Screen

This is not a new idea, but I haven't found any practical reply to it, so I think it needs to be repeated. I completely agree with Rennestein (screen capture below), we need to stop seeing irrelevant suggestions because it is annoying. Why can't it be possible to decide what we first see when we open Spotify on any device? (playlists, recently played, artists we're following, etc), and enjoy better our Spotify experience?
Please Spotify, let us have the home screen as we'd like. :)) Thank you!
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Updated on 2023-02-23

Hey folks,

We appreciate you sharing your feedback on the Community and showing your support to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
Update from the 23rd of Feb 2023:
A new feature was recently introduced in the mobile app which you may find interesting as it allows users to remove content recommendations from the subfeeds (Music and Podcasts & Shows) of their Home screen, thus expanding upon the current customization options and offering a improved, more personalized experience. You can find more info about it in the Status update here.

This subdomain is an embarrassment. Getting in contact with anybody regarding actual technical issues go unanswered for 5 months at a time and now every time I open Spotify I'm greeted with unremovable ASMR garbage which I haven't listened to a single time. The official answer? A /Live-Ideas/ post with 2500 positive votes but it's marked Status: Not Right Now

That's the official "solution" for that thread. Thread solved Spotify well done.


I found a solid and easy solution to remove unrelated podcast recommendations, only requires adding to your home page. Once you do that, you can browse music and control playback like the native app on your mobile phone.



This does not work for desktop (mac or windows) on Chrome the same way it does for Android/iOS. I still see podcast suggestions on Desktop within Web App. I can't check Safari on Mac, so you're on your own. But if you control from Mobile within Web App, and launch Spotify on Desktop (closed on startup). You should be able to connect! Best of luck!


Full Instructions Here:


Please react spotify…hear the users…no one likes the non-personalized Home Screen .

Change it…


The current Spotify feed is so messy. They should understand that every music lover not fond of podcasts. Music and podcasts are two different kinds of stuff, mixing up both in one place ruining the experience. Rather build a separate podcast application with separate plans. Every product has its own audience. If you can't build a separate app then give at least an opt-out option. I used to know Spotify as pure music streaming app but now the scene has changed. If it remains that way I am not going to renew my yearly membership.


Spotify - what's wrong with you? Current approach to not allow people to remove history is clearly against GDPR in Europe! Are you asking to vote for that feature.. law compliance is something what Spotify should care..


I am sorry that you don't have any immediate plans to address this issue. I am, however, making immediate plans to cancel my service.


This is one of the reasons I canceled premium ... can't remove or block crappy stuff from the Home Screen ... 


I want to remove the podcast category altogether from my homepage. I use spotify on my pc at home to listen to music, i listen to podcasts on my phone, not using spotify.

Right now podcasts recommendations is at the top of my home page, completely irrelevant podcasts based on my friends taste? / or the country i live in (i do not care about other people's taste in podcasts), hiding good music suggestions away. Please let me remove this.

Spotify is good at recommending music to me. Don't hide this away from me, with podcasts.


This is absolutely a must as the home page is too cluttered!


I can't take seeing Joe Rogan's stupid mug front and center on my Spotify. Nobody asked for this garbage. I am so close to cancelling and moving to Apple Music. This is honestly absurd.