[All Platforms] Customize Start Screen

This is not a new idea, but I haven't found any practical reply to it, so I think it needs to be repeated. I completely agree with Rennestein (screen capture below), we need to stop seeing irrelevant suggestions because it is annoying. Why can't it be possible to decide what we first see when we open Spotify on any device? (playlists, recently played, artists we're following, etc), and enjoy better our Spotify experience?
Please Spotify, let us have the home screen as we'd like. :)) Thank you!
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Updated on 2020-11-03

Hey folks,
We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


Years later and I'm still looking for a way to hide podcast suggestions. Even within "Your Library" there is a shortcut to filter playlists by podcasts and shows but not a way to quickly filter and only see playlists that I have created. 


I'm using Spotify for more than 6 years now. And it is sad to see that what was used to be a good app is getting worse. It pushes me increasingly more garbage, like podcasts, radio, or other stuff that I'm completely not interested in. Just not sure when the last drop will fall and I switch to something else and cancel this subscription (anyhow I have Amazon and Google services that provide streaming music too).   


I just found the perfect app for me: Has the music I like, doesn't add random stuff to playlists, allows me to sort the music without fighting with the frontend, works offline, has no ads and HAS NO PODCASTS OR OTHER ***.

A downside, you need to have the music stored locally. But I already have it anyway.

Yeah, I dug up Winamp. It's working. I love it.

Casual Listener

I would like to remove soft "pawnography" from my homepage, my little brother uses my phone and sees recommended podcasts, that I have never listened to on my homepage. This is unacceptable and I will take legal action about this if it does not get solved. Even a "not interested" button on podcasts could help. Do something or there will be legal consequences for recommending "pawnography" to literal children.

Casual Listener

That BUSY home page on the other 2 big music apps is what drove me to Spotify, and I am verty happy here.  But it drives me away when there is so much that I will listen to., and they suggest stuff I will never ever listen to.   As it stands, I immediately go to my Library to avoid the Home page.  I spend less than a several second there, just checking it out.  And then I head over to my Library to avoid it.  Spotify must know their search works really well and I could search for all sorts of music and podcasts, if I wanted.   But I know what I want, and I choose what I want to see/listen to.  If I wanted confusion I would go to the other places.  


I don't listen to podcasts! Holy f**k let me get them off my home screen. I use Spotify for music ONLY. The podcast recommendations on the home screen are inappropriate, I keep getting this one called "asmr with amouranth" and the picture is of a girl wearing a bra and showing her boobs. F*ck you amouranth, get off my home screen.


Its actually crazy how long this has been ignored (obviously because its on forums and not socials like twitter) but ill be canceling and moving to apple now which I thought was subpar a few years ago because of tailored playlisting. Spotify has definitely declined in the past 2 years and it would be ignorant on your part to ignore small issues like these, do not forget people pay to use this app, its not cool to see you tell your customers your not going to do what they want you to do(even though their paying for it)


I concur, this is something that is a no-brainer with online services today. I understand that there may be marketing considerations and entities may be paying Spotify a premium to get space on the home screen but this is not appropriate for a paid premium account. I want to see the things that are relevant to me on the home page.


Yeah the fact that ur paying 10 dollars for a premium account and you are still getting advertised to for these politically charged podcasts is ridiculous, their opinion of us is right there in the "Not Right Now" decision they made. This is such a simple and passive option, there is no reason this should negatively impact their business but it will because they are ignoring all of us.


bunch of arseholes.  Why do you force me to look at some comedian I hate, whom I have never listened in preference to anything I might like.  It really is getting to the stage that I will cancel Spotify so I dont have to have some smug git on my screen.