[All Platforms] DJ Version of Spotify

I'm a DJ. I want a DJ interface for Spotify, where I can play two tracks at once over the top of each other. 


It doesn't have to be anything complex -- just two tracks and a crossfader would do the job. But if you fancy adding things like waveforms, pitch-shifting, and other functionality, that would be lovely too.

Updated on 2019-04-08

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


After speaking to the right teams, we're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


As flagged in the last status update, our friends at Algoriddim have an app called djay that allows you to mix tracks using Spotify. You can check out details about djay here.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




Hey, if you are a DJ what you could do, assuming you own an acutal turn table, you can just hook up one side to a laptop using the free version, and the otherside to a iphone using premium. It would work pretty well, you would just have to aviod ads from coming up. which i guess you click on a song while the iphone is playing and you would be able to aviod that. im just using software so this no good for me 😞 


Could be really cool.

Ofc With all that A -> B Looping and choosing a 2nd. Track to fade into or to play both at same time, effects etc.

You could sell this as a DJ Pack OR!
You coul sell it to ex. Premiums and then require addittional payment for effects packs etc.

Just a few examples 😛 

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It's not working for every track  😕


Hello everybody.

I wondered if there was not an application for mixing live for friendsIt'd be fun to create his own live radio. But that may already exist.

Thank you.

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There is an app called 'Jukeman' that bring the functionality you want currently in development.


An app concept submission has already been sent to the platform team, and I'll try to get it out soon.




Great thank !



Well Yesterday I was at a party and of course we were playing music in spotify... I'm a DJ and I think it would be great to have an app to mix music ! can you imagine that some kind of traktor intergrated software ?!   AWESOME !!

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Agree. Integration to a Virtual DJ application, or a solid mixer app within spotify. Tempo, queue and cache support. This would be the ultimate DJ software as virtually millions of tracks are readily available for mixing. I am definetely looking forward to a feature like this.


I Love spotify. If there was one thing I wish I could add, I would add dj application support. If added Spotify would easily become my only source for music.


Hi. It would be wonderful to listen spottily mixing with a good dc program. to mix songs, loops, ....