[All Platforms] Explicit Filter

Add a button that controls whether Explicit songs are played or not.  When it is off and you're listening to an album or playlist, the explicit songs are skipped. That way you can still listen to your favorite album or playlist when more impressionable members of the family (kids / parents) are around.

Updated on 2018-12-06

Hey folks!

It's great to hear music as the artist intended it to be heard, this means Spotify can sometimes include explicit content.
We recommend looking out for the EXPLICIT tag on any releases (E on the web player).
Note: Our explicit content tags are applied based on information we receive from rights-holders. This means we can’t guarantee all explicit content is marked as such. 

It's also now possible to use the Explicit content filter on mobile and tablet devices (more devices coming soon!). Right now, the setting is only for the individual account and device. If you do apply the setting on your phone, it doesn't filter explicit content for the same account on the desktop app. It also doesn’t apply if you use Spotify Connect to play to another device. For more information on this, check out this support article.

We'll keep you up-to-date if there's anything else to share!


When adding this feature please also allow it to be able to suppress edited songs as well. I hate listening to a song that is so chopped up it is ot even worth playing


It would be nice especially with the radio function to have this filter available. Right now we have to create playlists and check the lyrics of every song to make sure the kids don't here somehing objectionable.


+1 for a button or setting  to allow clean only songs- very useful for kid accounts and many other situations.  Right now i can only use it when i am alone..... not sure the subscription will continue for much longer if I can only use it alone.




Please get the block explicit content button!   PLEASE PLEASE I want to let my kids continue to use spotify, but Pandora already let me block explicit content and we may have to quit using Spotify.


I don't think Spotify will ever disable explicit content.  Maybe that is some feature PANDORA or someone else has patented, and Spotify does not want to fork over money for licensing - just a guess.


It would literally take only a few hours of programming to accomplish this.  The fact that it has not been done, and that this has been "under construnction" since 2/18/12 is proof enough that it will not be done.


Spotify, prove me wrong and get on the ball with this!


Or, someone please write an app or plugin to accomplish this since Spotify is not going to get around to it any time soon.


Just make it an option.

Thinking of canceling my premium membership since this simple option is not available.
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I just want to add my thumbs up for this. Its one feature I absolutely love for 'Google Play Music - All Access' It enables you to set to whether you want explicit tracks to be played. This then will either skip any track with explicit lyrics, or if available will play the 'clean' version.



I use Spotify to play music when my daughter is in the car... I'd much prefer to be able to put a playlist on and not have to worry about the odd expletive coming out.


Please add this feature.  It would be much appreciated!


Nearly two years and no progress. I can attest that in my household, this is keeping me from buying two more $10 accounts. Of course, they can't even figure out how to get a built-in EQ created....


Come to think about it, seems like Spotify insists on releasing updates about every other week, but I never see any new or different features. Just what is the dev team doing anyway, besides obsessing over Facebook and social features that are pretty much irrelevant?


Spotify is turning into the Tivo of streaming music players....