[All Platforms] Google Home Mini For Family premium subscribers in Canada

Hey! I think it would be awesome if Family premium subscribers could get the google home mini as well! You allowed it in the US, UK and France! What about Canada?!? 

Updated on 2019-04-13

Marked as a new idea :)

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A free google home mini, you say?  Not if you have a family account which actually costs more than the basic premium account.  Sounds to me like Spotify Canada WANTS to make less money.


Unless I see a free google home mini, it will be bye bye Spotify, hello Apple Music!



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There are 6 pages of comments in the account thread.... I cannot believe that Spotify has not even bothered to respond to this absolutely ridiculous omission for Canadian Family plan customers.  Shame on you Spotify


Shocked that I pay for Premium and am not receiving this Google mini offer because I have Premium Family --- and I pay MORE than a regular Premium account. Love Spotify & Google, but not so much any more. You've dropped the ball on this. Hoping you rectify the situation.

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Lol they don't care, I've spoken to 2 representatives and the only way is to cancel your subsciption, upgrade to single premium, redeem the promo then upgrade back to family.

Or you cancel someone out of the family, they upgrade to premium, and get them to redeem the promo.


Such a hassle just be cause we're on family, and I don't understand why.


Hey Spotify you've really dropped the ball here! Why did you exclude family plan premium members? You need to fix this!!


Google mini & Spotify match perfect! Hopefully also family members could receive this gift!


Ridiculous, have to downgrade my plan which won’t end for another month by the time the promotion is up or all the products are gone. Great job 👌🏻. Been with Spotify for years and this is the **bleep** that happens.


Its really frustrating when you change the shuffle button to only play recently added songs on the library. I currently have somewhere around 3500 songs which I have all saved to my library, but not organized into playlists bexaussits way to mich work. Now instead of getting random songs from 2 years ago now I only get like the 100 most recent songs ive added played. Very very annoying when shuffle doesn't actually shuffle properly....


It's pretty uncool that family plan members are excluded from this promo. What does spotify have against families? Eh? 


I have had Spotify since the day it came to canada, and had premium for almost 5 years and kept it for most of that time. I switched to family premium to get my family to try spotify, and because of this I'm not qualified for this offer? Seriously? Spotify, you need to remedy this or you're going to lose a lot of people's subscriptions.