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The new white text on black design physically hurts my eyes and gives very bad ghosting (i.e. persistent image like those in optical illusions that make you stare at particular color combinations and then look away). I know I'm not the only one with this issue because I've researched it in the past. Without an option to switch back to the old design (White background/black text), I'll need to delete my Spotify account and find another service. Please add an option to switch between the two (because I know many prefer black backgrounds). Myself and a host of others, however, cannot use these color combinations. Please let me know if there is a work-around; it would be much appreciated. It's basically unusable to me in it's current state.




Updated on 2023-03-18

Hey folks,


This idea has been moved to a wrong place in the forum but is now back in its place.


We're keeping the status of Not Right Now as we still don't have any immediate plans to implement this, however, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status if we have any news to share.



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Marked as new idea. This idea requests an option to switch between the new (dark) design and the old (white) design. You might also want to add your kudos to an idea about customizable designs here. 😉


Indeed, you are not the only one with this issue.  Personally I don't like a completely white background with black text, it still hurts my eyes. (Just like this page I'm on does).  I think the old white text on grey was much better than the new white text on black.


Absolutely agree with the original poster.  I find white text on black background so very very difficult (I changed from using Tweetbot on iOS to Tweetlogix for this very reason) and it physically hurts my eyes to try to read it.  I can just about manage with Spotify using white text on a black background on the large screen of my MacBook Pro - and I do mean "just" - but for the smaller screen of my iPhone 5 it is just impossible.  Even with a retina screen such as that on the iPhone 5S there is a strange ghosting effect and it gives me a headache to look at it for too long. 


This may be something to do with age!  I suspect most app developers are youngsters with almost perfect eyesight, but for those of us whose eyesight is less than perfect, this white text on black background really is so very difficult.


I know there is a workaround in setting the iPhone to invert ALL colours (under Accessibility in Settings) but it's a real pain to have to keep altering this setting every time I want to open or close Spotify, and it doesn't look right anyway.  iOS7 is supposed to be a light, bright, easy to read OS - sadly this new Spotify app is the opposite of that.


Please would Spotify consider adding a simple light or dark theme option, so that those of us who want it can have our much easier to read light background back again, with grey or black text?  It would be a great help to those of us who have eyesight problems.


If not, I may have to cancel my Spotify Premium account and move to Deezer instead, as I mainly use Spotify when out and about in the car, so am using the iOS app a lot.


Thank you for considering this plea!




A temporary solution would be to switch to inverted colours when using spotify.



What would I do without Spotify?

(Can´t even remember how I listened to music before it...)


And now, the Spotify Staff comes up with yet another test version and the Community do responds...


Almost every issue/demand that went wrong in the last update became after Community-pleading corrected and was working good for about a month... Until it was time for a new update - again..! *sigh*


Well, I haven´t been able to evaluate all of it yet, maybe because it takes me twice as long to figure out what I am reading... The font and fontsizing are so strange to my laptop focusing that I cannot hardly read it at all... Grey on grey, black on black etc. are very artful, but not readable - for me anyway...


"Which song in your playlist are you playing now?" "I don´t know, it´s the new Spotify-design... It doesn´t work, but it´s looking good..." 


Besides that, I will hereafter guess the length of each tune I am playing, because I can´t read the time-digits at the "length-bar" in the bottom of the page... Another font-issue, I guess...


So, is the Spotify Staff arguing me to buy myself a new (HD-ready) computer?


Best wishes,

John Anders Borg

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     This is very disappointing.  I upgraded to the new version a few minutes ago and I absolutely hate it.  Whoever designed it gets an A+ for art class but an F for practicality.  Why did they double space everything?  I'm a huge music fan and addicted to Spotify but what the hell are they thinking.  I can't even see this thing.  Please give me my old version and if you're going to make changes, at least make it about the music and not the fluff.  On a positive note, Spotify's awesome!!!!


I find the new layout to be too bulky as well.  I thought the old interface was near perfect -- everything was condensed, and I didn't need to run it full screen.  The new spacing on the typeface is huge, and I think it would be nice for a touchscreen or as a media center app, but not as useful for me at work where I'm on a normal Win7 desktop (and where I use spotify most).


Also, the black looks nice if I really overdrive my monitor's gamma -- but since my monitor is calibrated the dark greys and blacks look similar and the whole app looks black & white.  This probably looks really good on a 2560x1440 panelbright touchscreen, but it's just rough on a 1366x768 work laptop that doesn't have its brightness cranked up.


Thanks for listening.

I really hate the new spotify release. hate it. why is everything so chunky and hard to see the difference between absolutely anything on the page. I am gonna unsubscribe.

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In my opion the dark theme works well on mobile, but I am very disappointed in the new dark black theme on my laptop. Options would be nice for background colors, themes, etc. Or at least a couple of different flavours.