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[All Platforms] Light Mode option



The new white text on black design physically hurts my eyes and gives very bad ghosting (i.e. persistent image like those in optical illusions that make you stare at particular color combinations and then look away). I know I'm not the only one with this issue because I've researched it in the past. Without an option to switch back to the old design (White background/black text), I'll need to delete my Spotify account and find another service. Please add an option to switch between the two (because I know many prefer black backgrounds). Myself and a host of others, however, cannot use these color combinations. Please let me know if there is a work-around; it would be much appreciated. It's basically unusable to me in it's current state.




Updated on 2023-03-18

Hey folks,


This idea has been moved to a wrong place in the forum but is now back in its place.


We're keeping the status of Not Right Now as we still don't have any immediate plans to implement this, however, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status if we have any news to share.




Another vote for some flexibility please - the latest update follows the trend forcing mobile/tablet UI onto the desktop.

Please recognize this problem as more than just an aesthetic nitpick. I think you should be concerned that your app can cause pain and discomfort making it inaccessible to new and old users alike. I can no longer use the app for more than a few minutes without nauseau or seeing spots. I think having at least ONE other color scheme option is imperative.


It wouldn't hurt to at least give those of us that would benefit from something lighter at least one option so that we can continue using the service because as it stands, I now have a premium subscription that I can't even use because it's literally causing me physical pain.


yea black backround websites always hurt my eyes after a while. 


this new UI is pretty for minute, but not functional the long run.


The new design is not completely bad (some nice color accents and new functionality), but it definetely lacks contrast! Exaggerated it is black over black with a light grey font having a dark grey shadow. Who did this? It is very hard to make out the essential information. In addition, the menues with which you navigate through the software seem to have become smaller. I really would prefer going back to the original version.


it very depressing, hurts to watch it. 

Fix this black madness, please. It hurts my eyes and I cannot look at it for more than a couple of minutes.

Just allow us to switch back and forth. Not trying to dis the new one, some probaly prefer the original. I sure did. It would change much on your end. It's all aesthetics I think. Please let us know if it takes more than that. Thank you.

Agreeing that the new UI is extremely uncomfortable to look at. PLEASE give the option to change colour schemes/toggle a "classic" style UI. Thank you!

WAYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOO DARKKKKKKKKKK.  There is not enough differentiation and separation of different graphical elements.  Everything just blends together into one black blob and when I first look it, it doesnt register and I have to focus in order to do anything.  I dont mind some black, but maybe add some lighter grays or some white in there every once in a while.  


Adding my voice here too.  It hurts my eyes.  This is not a friendly colour system for those of us who have difficulties with our eyesight.  Please can we have the ability to change back to the old colour scheme?