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I've just started a trial of Qobuz - they offer the standard 320kbps as well as lossless FLAC streaming (and high res downloads if you purchase them) the sound quality is noticeably better and on classical it's just wonderful to get all that resolution through your hi-fi or headphones! The catalogue has a way to go to get to Spotify's level, but they are getting there. The iPad app isn't' too bad (the desktop app is in need of an upgrade but I hear they are putting all their efforts into mobile apps right now).
So - lossless streaming - if Qobuz can do it then so can Spotify, they must have the same source - and obviously if you are asking £20 a month then those record labels and distributors take enough notice to make the high res tracks available for streaming. What this all means is soon, very soon, we will get lossless streaming and closely followed by high res downloads - but if Spotify aren't careful it will be Apple who get there first with an audiophile premium offering, and when they do it will be a much harder market place to make money in!

Updated on 2022-01-07

Hey folks,


We know that HiFi quality audio is important to you. We feel the same, and we’re excited to deliver a Spotify HiFi experience to Premium users in the future. But we don’t have timing details to share yet.


We will of course update you here when we can.


Take care.


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I'm guessing that Spotify only announced lossless due to somehow learning about Apple's plans (information leakage, industrial espionage) - not to satisfy the community, let alone this thread debaters. Hence the lack of any schedule - release date.


To finally overthrow Spotify and discard it from the music streaming business for good, Apple only needs to release the streaming API to 3rd party developers and thus give the listeners the freedom of audio HW choice that other big market players already are providing to their customers.


Right after, Spotify will become a thing of the past - just like many even more powerful business giants before (RCA, Pan Am, Lehman Brotherslist of defunct consumer brands).


Arrogance and egotism don't pay off.


Looks like Spotify maybe  got caught with their pants down . 
Here’s what concerns my about Spotify : Even their Mac desktop app still can’t automatically place playlists in alphabetical order .Still … after years of requests. 

the only thing that is stopping me from switching to Apple Music now is that you are still forced to use iTunes on Windows... once they fixed that there is no reason to stay with Spotify


When will Sweden get lossless Spotify (HiFi), and what will it cost? Will it be included for Premium members?


Spotify is awfully quiet these days. Who knows when their lossless music will be offered. Who knows what countries. 

Who knows whether hi res will be included.  


Apple has answered all of these questions. 


Spotify is not very transparent with their customer base and it will cost them big in the near future. 




Spotify is about to get clobbered by Apple and its going to get ugly. 


Spotify moves at a government's snail pace in making changes. 


This idea is still marked "under consideration" .Huh? Didn't they say it was coming? 


This is a Spotify website,correct?  


Apple has already won and Spotify doesn't even know it . 


Rastaman is right, they will have case studies  about this massive business failure in MBA programs for decades. 





@Soundquality 🏫📖👨‍🎓 => 😂👍


Transparency. Where is it? Hi res? When is lossless? What countries? Increased Cost? 


Apple has answered all these questions . Spotify has not. 


Apple is going to get my business even though Spotify has better music discovery and playlists.  

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