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[All Platforms][Music] HiFi Quality - Lossless Streaming 16bit 44.1khz

I've just started a trial of Qobuz - they offer the standard 320kbps as well as lossless FLAC streaming (and high res downloads if you purchase them) the sound quality is noticeably better and on classical it's just wonderful to get all that resolution through your hi-fi or headphones! The catalogue has a way to go to get to Spotify's level, but they are getting there. The iPad app isn't' too bad (the desktop app is in need of an upgrade but I hear they are putting all their efforts into mobile apps right now).
So - lossless streaming - if Qobuz can do it then so can Spotify, they must have the same source - and obviously if you are asking £20 a month then those record labels and distributors take enough notice to make the high res tracks available for streaming. What this all means is soon, very soon, we will get lossless streaming and closely followed by high res downloads - but if Spotify aren't careful it will be Apple who get there first with an audiophile premium offering, and when they do it will be a much harder market place to make money in!

Updated on 2022-01-07

Hey folks,


We know that HiFi quality audio is important to you. We feel the same, and we’re excited to deliver a Spotify HiFi experience to Premium users in the future. But we don’t have timing details to share yet.


We will of course update you here when we can.


Take care.




true but it is also cheaper than it used to be. Maybe YouTube can cry about it but for audio the cost is less. Smaller music streaming companies also already offer lossless. Spotify has no real excuse. If you are worried about data usage on your phone either get an unlimited plan or continue to use the mp3 tier until you can or want to afford an unlimited plan. At least there is more choice for mobile users currently price wise than there is for home internet users that may be throttled on their data usage. This practice will hopefully be eliminated one day as things improve. Video streaming is driving the need for improvement among just the uptick in general data use.

I’m fine with data no problem. It seems like the Spotify accountants are steering the boat though.

You can always download music and listen 

  • Recent article on techradar. Not much new info apart from "We know for sure that it’s going to be more expensive than Spotify Premium – which already costs $9.99 per month – so between $14.99 and $19.99 feels like a safe bet." 

I also got the impression it will not be hi -res , nothing above 16/44. If that’s the case , Apple Music will certainly sound better . 

don't think it will be more expensive. maybe it was planned but after Apple and Amazon and Deezer i don't think they will make it more than 9,99


7 month later still nothing ... 

Was it just an tell to not loose your customers *????

I am fed up to wait 


Spotify is embarrassing themselves with such a delay . In the meantime , Apple bought Primephonic and will be making further improvements mid-September. 


Apple Music alllllll the way!! Stuff Spotify, they clearly don’t listen to their customers. ALSO Apple Music DIDN’T charge their customers extra OR change their pricing when they introduced LOSSLESS streaming…

Where Spotify ? Apple eating their lunch. Mid September they go all lossless. If Apple comes up with a Spotify Connect feature , Spotify is toast