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[All Platforms][Music] HiFi Quality - Lossless Streaming 16bit 44.1khz

I've just started a trial of Qobuz - they offer the standard 320kbps as well as lossless FLAC streaming (and high res downloads if you purchase them) the sound quality is noticeably better and on classical it's just wonderful to get all that resolution through your hi-fi or headphones! The catalogue has a way to go to get to Spotify's level, but they are getting there. The iPad app isn't' too bad (the desktop app is in need of an upgrade but I hear they are putting all their efforts into mobile apps right now).
So - lossless streaming - if Qobuz can do it then so can Spotify, they must have the same source - and obviously if you are asking £20 a month then those record labels and distributors take enough notice to make the high res tracks available for streaming. What this all means is soon, very soon, we will get lossless streaming and closely followed by high res downloads - but if Spotify aren't careful it will be Apple who get there first with an audiophile premium offering, and when they do it will be a much harder market place to make money in!

Updated on 2022-01-07

Hey folks,


We know that HiFi quality audio is important to you. We feel the same, and we’re excited to deliver a Spotify HiFi experience to Premium users in the future. But we don’t have timing details to share yet.


We will of course update you here when we can.


Take care.

I swapped from Spotify to Amazon Music and bought an Amazon Echo Flex for less than £10. It’s connected to my HiFi system so I play the app on my iPhone through this and get the full res sound rather than what is limited by Apple Airplay. Basically it’s then the same as Spotify Connect.
Not sure if the Flex is available now but you can do the same with a Dot as it has the audio out jack.

Spotify is an embarrassment for treating their customers like this on HD audio quality. 


They are ruining their reputation month by month. 


It's very sad that this feature hasn't been implemented yet, I don't even care about hi-res, just CD quality would be good enough.


Come on Spotify, make this work.



I'm afraid I have the audiophile thing pretty bad😃


What you suggest does make music.


However, I've got a 5 way hifi system.

The music server needs to output an I2S signal straight into my 5 way DSP / Dac setup. I2S is the internal protocol used inside Dacs.

The DSP sorts out the crossovers, time alignment of the drivers and DSP room correction control on the sub bass channel only (Tapped horn subs).

The hardware I have runs Volumio and streams Qobuz currently (Spotify connect also works, but at low Res = noticeable drop in quality vs Qobuz).

I've tried Tidal, Qobuz sounds better in my particular setup, Amazon Music is not integrated into Volumio.

I did a free trial with Amazon though, to listen with headphones. Several albums I would want, were not available.


So I stick to Qobuz on my hifi and low Res Spotify on our Sonos etc.


Come on Spotify, do something!

You are lagging behind!


please implement it


Come on Spotify! Any updates about your hifi plan??? 🙌

It’s been 19 months after their official announcement of the release of
HiFi. They even had Billie Eilish in a video announcing it.

My point is, don’t believe what Spotify says, they are well known for not
caring about sound quality.

Just do what I did, cancel your Spotify premium subscription and move to
another service. That’s what I did back in March and I couldn’t be more
happy. My only regret was not doing it sooner.

I have moved to Qobuz as my main streaming service. The sound is impeccable. Spotify just doesn't seem to care, I think the people looking forward to better sound quality are just too niche for them. I will keep Premium as well as the library is still superior and Spotify has albums I love that Qobuz hasn't, but main listening will be on Qobuz from now on. The wait was just too long, the total lack of communication getting more annoying as the days went by. 


Why can't you at least tell us the truth?? Will it come out or not? You can't hype people up and then act for years like it never happened!


This is ridiculous. I'm a hardcore Spotify fan and never thought I'd move away, but c'mon. We've been more than patient waiting on this. All other major streamers have a higher quality option. Its harder to stay each day.