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Idea: "[All Platforms] Music videos"

Artists do record a video to go with their music.
I really want to watch them on Spotify.
At Apple Music I can choose between listening to the music, or watching their video. 

Updated on 2019-09-16

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Really loved this feature when I subbed to Groove Music. Was able to play a playlist on my chromecast or xbox and if a video was available it played it. Made it more interesting to have it on the tv. Hope it makes it on to spotify.

Casual Listener

I wish there were high-quality 1080p/4K official music videos on Spotify's artists' pages. I'm tired of having to go to YouTube often to find low-quality videos all over the place...


Artists also have live concerts and DVDs with exclusive material as part of their catalogs; I wish that was available to view on Spotify as well.


I had this idea when looking at the short little animations that play on mobile the you're listening to a song. Not sure if it was just me, but I always wondered why it was just a 3/4 second loop of the music video. 


I thought it would be a cool feature for mobile if on songs that released music videos, if you turned your phone sideways, the music video of the song you're listening to would play fully 🙂 


Anyone else think this would be cool??

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