[All Platforms] No Ads in Podcasts for Spotify Premium users

I pay for my subscription. Every month for years now. The main reason I am a paid-for subscriber with Spotify is so I don't have to hear ads. As I have shifted my podcast listening from other providers to Spotify to bypass ads, both from the platform as well as integrated into the content.


I expect not to hear ads on Spotify. I understand there are ads woven into the actual content of the podcast itself, but for as big of a company and the amount of leverage Spotify has, I expect to not hear ads so long as I am paying for the service.


I reached out to Spotify and got this lazy, generic answer from Joy in Spotify Customer Support: “if you're hearing ads on podcasts using this Premium account. It's possible that the podcaster integrated that ads to their podcast content”. Thanks for breaking your back on that response.


I KNOW what the ads I’m hearing are. And I understand they can’t ask podcasters to export two versions, one with integrated ads and one without. What I expect from Spotify is to either implement metadata that tags the beginning and ending of ad segments and bypass them for us, Premium subscribers, or require podcasters to give metadata timecodes that Spotify can identify to bypass them AUTOMATICALLY.


Just to be clear, even if these identifiers are put into the content, I don’t want to have to pull my phone out to hit any sort of “skip ads” button. This is literally the ONLY reason users have Premium. So get rid of the ads. It’s actually very simple. And let’s not get started on how archaic it is to continually hit the “15sec forward” button to bypass the ads, first over shooting, then undershooting the duration of the integrated ad, only to have to make peace with hearing the last ten seconds of the ad. At that point it’s not servicing either party in the transaction.


It’s 2020. You are a huge company with a lot of leverage and a huge developer budget. I honestly can’t believe I’m even having to write this suggestion.


tl:dr - Spotify, I am a Premium member. You made a promise to me that if I became a Premium member, I wouldn’t hear ads. I’m hearing ads on podcasts. Integrated or not, I don’t care. You have the technology and power to fix it. So fix it. And make it automatic. It’s 2020.

Updated on 2020-08-31

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JRE has always had 2-3 ads before the show starts, even on his own website. However, he NEVER had mid-show ads until the Spotify deal. As a Premium user paying for AD-FREE experience, it's absurd that Spotify allows these mid-show ads. If Joe wants to plug something midshow, then fine, but cutting to separate audio for it is ridiculous. And the issue of re-starting a podcast, or rewinding etc, and being forced to listen to ads AGAIN is probably the most absurd of all.


This is ripe for a class action suit. If any law firms are putting together a case, I'll gladly volunteer as class rep or join the class.


I would happily pay more for zero ads.


Came here after trying daily wellness, which is provided to me from spotify; i'm not sure if this is new or not but when it started into "Wake up / Windown (US)" asked me a nice question about soup and if soup can help me wind up or windown. 😞


there's nothing more disruptive to the calming experience than having the voice over slow roll me into a commercial for campbell soup. Not only is it taking me from passive listening to active listening, it's pushing me to use a product that is phycially unhealthy...and in the morning at that. Now i've spent an hour dedicated to finding out why, read through all of these other people's comments expressing their similar frustrations; where, instead, I should be starting my morning in a positive headspace.


As a paying sub, I really have no desire to hear advertising in the content I purchased; i'm sure you have this defined in your Terms of service to cover your liability but it's distasteful and distheartening to hear it happen none the less. As a customer, I am glad you allow me to voice my opinion here; as much as I wish it wasn't needed in the first place. Somewhere along the line someone made a bad decision for your customer base, please trace that to it's end and find a solution for us.


If Spotify won't find a solution for this, we should have the ability to remove the "Made for...." items so they don't show up on our home screen. Even better if we can rate and comment on those items so you can see how popular or unpopular they are and why. Sure you can collect click metrics, but you miss context and understanding by not engaging your customers.




Wow, I'm thankful my experience hasn't been as bad as some other people here but the consistency of this issue is infuriating. I get an un-skippable ad forced into almost every JRE episode I listen to now. I totally get and don't mind the normal ads/promos read off by hosts when the podcast is recorded. But Spotify throwing in ads that are completely different tracks from the podcast when I pay for an ad-free premium account is ridiculous. 


Ad placements during podcasts while paying for years for a premium account that is supposed to be ad free is egregious and ridiculous. Podcaster read sponsorships that are directly part of the episode I can understand (especially when you don't have editorial control, like with JRE), but even if you want to claim that the "artist elected" to have 3rd party ads run outside the recorded episode itself via your very purposefully planned Streaming Ad Insertion platform, doesn't mean the whole episode is now exempt from the ad-free experience benefit of a paid account. Those extra ads can play for free memberships, that is fine. They should not play for premium members. You can control running those ads (you inserted them in the first place), and you don't currently skip them even if someone is already paying you to do so.


I will be cancelling my subscription unless this is fixed. You advertise an ad free experience for the cost of a premium subscription, and you no longer deliver that product. Your moderators asking people to "vote for it" here is just plain insulting. The very fact that I AM paying is my vote for no ads. I shouldn't have to go above and beyond and have to write my reasoning and vote on a community forum, simply to show you that the offering you've already made is still wanted by the users who are paying for it.

If we were okay with ads running, why are we paying for a premium account? Offline play? Unlimited skips? No, we pay to not be inundated with endless back-to-back-to-back ads in yet another media source. They run everywhere else already. TV, radio, magazines, billboards, sports, gaming, you name it. We aren’t just asking to not hear ads; we are paying you to not hear ads!

This blatant injection of ads even for paid account users sounds like you're just trying to recoup the costs of acquiring all these podcasts lately by forcing ads into them and then "request" people to “vote” to not hear them, hoping enough people don't bother to do the legwork to tell you as much. Heck, you didn’t even say how many votes are required to take this "idea" into account. We shouldn’t have to get some majority vote to retain something we are paying you for already!


Yeah, ads on spotify premium are not ok. Even if there chosen by the podcast creators or whatever, they need to be stopped. I generally love spotify, but thisiis very annoying.


Also, the podcast queue is bad. It's hard to get to, the podcast and music queue should be integrated, so you can add music and podcast episodes to the same queue.


Seriously Only Reason I keep my premium subscription is  so I can Watch Joe Rogan Podcast. I Even paid for YouTube premium so I could watch Joe Rogan without ads. I pay for premium so marketers  do not rent space in my mind for free.

So Spotify if this is not fixed soon I will be glad to say goodbye to premium and  only listen on freemium when I have the mental bandwidth to deal with ads.

I know this can be done because I have seen it done on other platforms. 
Joe and podcasters can add ads, but I am sure Spotify can mandate they meta tag the ads so you can skip or exclude it for premium users. 



Beyond ridiculous you guys advertise premium ad free service just the slap your paying users with ads. Will be cancelling my service and go back to pirating. Exactly the opposite of what the music industry wants 🖕🏼

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This seems like a breach of contract.

Ad free listening is the whole point of paying for premium is it not?


these injected ads completely ruin meditation and relaxation podcasts and are a major annoyance in discussion podcasts where they interrupt the host or interviewee mid-sentence.


if the host wants to stop the show and read an ad for something... fine. but don't force feed me this garbage injected right into the middle of the show... especially when I'm paying for it.

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Spotify is injecting ads into podcast episodes for premium subscribers. Every Spotify response so far claims that it's the creators electing to have ads added in but its 100% under Spotify's control if those ads go to all users or just the ad-supported users.


Stop playing Spotify-generated ads during podcasts.