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[All Platforms] Offer Subscription Option for Those Not Going Online Every 30 Days

This issue has been already posted several times, but no solution up to now.

Some people have the problem of not having an Internet connection for months. Or at least, not good enough.

This can happen to military, fishermen or humanitarian aid workers. Spotify disables the downloaded music in case the App in the device does not go "online" at least once every 30 days, no matter if you pay the subscription or not.

Therefore, one can be paying the Premium subscription to Spotify, but not having the downloaded songs available due to a lack of Internet connection (it occurs even when there is Internet connection, but not "good enough" for Spotify).

So, my request to Spotify is to find a different way to have the downloaded songs available even if the App cannot go online.

Thank you.

Updated on 2020-10-20

Hey everyone,
We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-07-21

Marked as new idea. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.

@rmurgaz wrote: one can be paying the Premium subscription to Spotify, but not having the downloaded songs available due to a lack of Internet connection

I guess the problem is that Spotify can't check if you are still subscribed to premium. So you have to pay (for example) for two whole months at once in order to listen two months offline.


Additionally, I've always wished we could just pay annually. I understand why the service needs to ping the internet to ensure you're still paying. As I guess I could see someone register for a free trial, fill up their device with all the music they want, then cancel their subscription and take their device offline. But if I paid for a year let me have the offline music for a year. Also it would reduce Spotify's credit card transaction fees, **bleep** maybe Spotify would be willing to offer a discount for annual subscription.


This definately needs a solution Spotify PLEASE I also work well out of reception on a fishing boat for more than 1 month and hate the fact of having no music halfway Thru a trip

  • SPOTTY!!!!!!!!

PLAYSE playse



Please spotify! We need this. I pay you for premium every month but I am a round the world sailor and every few months you wipe ALL my music and I am at sea, alone and without any music or podcasts. My world at sea is lonely enough without this! Then i cant get good internet for months to download it back and so i go without. PLEASE help.


Being able to play music while offline for extended periods but still fully paid up is basic customer service. Please solve this problem. I had a bad experience with another platform denying me access to content I'd already paid for while offline in Antarctica, and I subsequently left that platform permanently. 


I'm active duty military and constantly go through this problem, I would be very willing to pay for a year up front to ensure I keep downloaded music after 30 days. 


Waiting for a response, Spotify..... my husband recently left on deployment and will run into the same problem. As a music streaming program, you should understand how important music is for a person to stay sane, motivated, and mentally healthy. Our service members need to boost their morale when separated from family/friends for months on end, but it’s pretty difficult when you revoke them of music. PLEASE consider fixing this feature.