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[All Platforms] Offer Subscription Option for Those Not Going Online Every 30 Days

This issue has been already posted several times, but no solution up to now.

Some people have the problem of not having an Internet connection for months. Or at least, not good enough.

This can happen to military, fishermen or humanitarian aid workers. Spotify disables the downloaded music in case the App in the device does not go "online" at least once every 30 days, no matter if you pay the subscription or not.

Therefore, one can be paying the Premium subscription to Spotify, but not having the downloaded songs available due to a lack of Internet connection (it occurs even when there is Internet connection, but not "good enough" for Spotify).

So, my request to Spotify is to find a different way to have the downloaded songs available even if the App cannot go online.

Thank you.

Updated on 2020-10-20

Hey everyone,
We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


I am active duty military, as are many others on this forum with the same problem. Most of the people on my ship use Spotify as their music service, and it is a huge morale problem not having music while being underway for extended periods of time. I would also be willing to pay upfront every year if it meant this issue would get resolved. 


Still waiting on Spotify to comment on this. The people have spoken and still, Spotify continues to ignore us. What good is the suggestion page if you don’t actually take it seriously? Other than to give us the placebo effect... to no solution. 

I agree. No progress at all. I am now looking for alternative music
streaming services. Time to move on.


You're loosing people!


Why not just do what the calm app does and have different payment options. For example if you want to subscribe to Spotify for a year you simply pay $99 and the subscription lasts yearly. Problem solved.


Lol! I wish it was that simple! That’s the subscription option I do have! But they still wipe your hardrive of all files every 30 days if you do not log on. The wiping of files is completely separate to the subscription. They require you to have paid AND to also log on every 30 days to maintain your music catalogue ☹

It is for this reason im canceling spotify.  I just download my music anymore for deployments.  It's obvious Spotify is not interested in this issue.  There could be another reason that they only do 30 days though.  Sometime I go on spotify and music is redownloading or I'll come back and some songs to an artist are gone completely.  I wonder if it's like NETFLIX where they lose the rights to stream the music so if you have it for 1 year on your device through their platform, even though you've paid, you are still getting access to something that no longer has a contract through Spotify.  Spotify just isn't deployment friendly and quite frankly a waste of money for those of us who deploy for extended periods.  Just my 1 dollar and 2 cents.

Thank you so much for the comments. Really helpful.

Have you found any alternatives that solve this problem - else I will need
to resort to downloading music illegally again like the old days!

Unfortunately there is no way to solve this problem that I know of.  Spotify does a pretty decent job at encrypting the files which is why they're a major player in the music industry as piracy is nonexistent through them.  As for illegally downloading, I'm not personally engaged in that as dropping a few bucks for a decent album from an artist I like shows my support.  Then again im a stickler for quality. puts music out in QUADAC (HiFi) quality for decent prices.  Im in the same boat you are, pun intended, and worse yet im on a Submarine so connectivity is not a thing period.  Hopefully people keep coming out with this to Spotify.  Im dumping 14.99 to a service I can't use when I deploy.  That's about 60-75 bucks down the hole on avg.  When I return.  


Why does it seem like Spotify is not taking this idea seriously? The idea needs 100 people voting yes on it every year! How many years does it take? I just want to be able to listen to my music library, that I've worked years to build, while I'm stuck on a floating metal city in the middle of the ocean. Where's the support for the people fighting for their country. Who more than most need their motivation from their music.