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[All Platforms][Other] 2-Factor Authentication

Spotify should, as a matter of good practice and safety, implement 2-step authentication.


Previously, Spotify enabled the option to log out other sessions other than the current session.


This would prevent hackers from stealing accounts, which would additionaly lead to less account hacks and less work for Spotify employees to assist in these cases.


More info:

Updated on 2018-10-18

Hi everyone, thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange. We’re ready to mark this idea as ‘Under Consideration’. 


We are currently investigating various solutions for account security for our users, e.g. 2-factor authentication. Any news regarding user-facing security updates will be posted to this thread as a status change.


If you'd like further information about protecting your account please visit our Support Site here.


This post is from 2015 and has more than 100 likes (amount you told me was needed for the idea to be considered). How the **bleep** is this idea not even considered 8 years later? My account was recently compromised. The hacker changed my email without you guys even trying to add a layer of security and asking me if this change was made by me. Really disappointing…


this post from BastianReCruz does get me worried. Now I’m changing my mind to definitely leave Spotify for the more secure Apple Music once iOS 17 is released. Hate to leave, but security is more important. 


@BastianReCruz, please let us know if your predicament was resolved, if Spotify was able to help… Thanks 🙂


Hey Everyone, here's a suggestion to set up your own security regarding your payment card on your account.

Set up a free account at (yes, it's truly legit) and connect your bank account (yes, it is safe).

Then you can create a credit card with all virtual information and you can even set a transaction limit per month, etc.


At least with this if anything happens with an account you can just trash the card digitally on and you won't have to worry about $$ being charged (especially if you set up the spending limit).


I've been using Privacy for the past few years.

It's something anyway.  

Another suggestion is to use a temporary email just for Spotify (which I have to do) so at least your real email won't be compromised.  

I feel with these two methods combined, I'm going to keep Spotify and see how it goes.


@Flagg2kj They did help me. It took 2 hours for the support team to answer my email. They logged the account out from every device and reset my email address. They also sent a link to create a new password. I’m happy I was able to recover my account (I have it since 2013), but I think this is not a proper solution since it can happen again and I don’t want to be waiting until I get an answer. The people who accessed my account were able to see my address, my PayPal account info and other sensitive information. I’m really disappointed, and now that I’ve read this discussion has been active since a long time ago, I’m considering switching to another service.


@BastianReCruz, you may want to see my post before this one.  Perhaps you can use a temporary (disposable) email instead, and the free service.  I use Privacy already, but have to start using a temp email so that if I get compromised I'll just trash the temp email, etc.  Perhaps it would help, but to create a new account after with new temp email would probably lose my playlists 😞


just a thought. I'm very glad you came through on that problem.  I'm still going to try not to switch to quickly and see if the temp email idea works.  If not, then Apple.


After 8 years - still no 2FA.. what is going on with Spotify's security team?



don't know what to do with this meme ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Any updates on this? 😞 Two factor authentication still not an option, at least on my profile 😞


Well 1 November price goes up, but functionallity keeps getting worse, no 2fa and search is getting worse and worse so now after 6+ years as paying customer I have closed my Spotify account and went to Youtube family instead (youtube music included) I had both for couple of weeks and did not miss anything in Spotify.