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[All Platforms][Other] 2-Factor Authentication

Spotify should, as a matter of good practice and safety, implement 2-step authentication.


Previously, Spotify enabled the option to log out other sessions other than the current session.


This would prevent hackers from stealing accounts, which would additionaly lead to less account hacks and less work for Spotify employees to assist in these cases.


More info:

Updated on 2018-10-18

Hi everyone, thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange. We’re ready to mark this idea as ‘Under Consideration’. 


We are currently investigating various solutions for account security for our users, e.g. 2-factor authentication. Any news regarding user-facing security updates will be posted to this thread as a status change.


If you'd like further information about protecting your account please visit our Support Site here.


lol only under consideration. This is worse than Half Life 3.


It seems that a lot of users, Premium accounts are stolen because of free Google Home. Please add this function ASAP, Spotify!

Please add this already it is a basic feature...

We all pay a premium price for this service...


I'm glad that is under consideration and at the same time I'm not happy. This shouldn't be "under consideration". This is already considered basic security measure that all users should have access to. Makes no sense in today's internet to NOT have two factor authentication (not all use facebooks or google mails to be able to OAuth).


Just a reminder what hackers have access to upon accessing your account.


Unhashed and completely visible:


email address

country of birth

date of birth

mobile phone number

mobile phone service provider


they can see any apps you have linked.


this is an incredible amount of uncensored information available to the person you absolutely would not want having your personal details. but it's okay, because spotify have it under consideration. **bleep**.



It’s time, hurry up and implement this. Will not buy Spotify until this happens. 


It's sad that spotify is only "considering" this feature. 2FA should be standard by now, especially for a service with this many users.


Did you guys aware they are giving away our account on the internet. you have to stop this with adding 2FA feature. come on guys! 

Make it happend!!


I just wanted to say this has been just a proposal for too long and Spotify should really put in effort into securing a service that their users are paying money for.


Please make this a priority, at least for 2FA via SMS, and preferably with an authentication app also.


This is definitely a no brainer! The more secure, the better.