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@__spo__ we need this!


A DJ that will automatically mix your playlists and beat synch them should be added. I am talking beatmatching and smooth transitions between songs.


This is how you set yourself apart from other streaming services. Having freinds over? Load up a playlist and have spotify take care of the rest. In the car? At the beach? really anywhere you want a smooth continous mix.


There is an app called Pacemaker which can do this now by using an AI to match up songs. Spotify should do this within the platform, like a step up from the crossfade.


This will be a definite way of setting you apart from the competition, and an amazing feature.

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Hey @linusrichter,


Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange 🙂


Have you checked out Daily Mix? You can have up to 6 of them, and they are essentially an endless DJ mix of the music you listen to, but split into different genres. Check it out and see if you like it!


If your idea is slightly different to Daily Mix, let us know 😉

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Updated on 2019-09-19

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

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Hi all,


@Peter actually it's not Daily Mix, it's about beat-match transitioning between tracks in a playlist.


It seems such an obvious advantage being able to have tracks DJ mixed, the problem must be making it sound good Pacemaker is good if you're a DJ but it isn't quite reliable enough for mixing without human input.. so!...


We've got a music service where an AutoDJ properly mixes tracks chosen by the user to create a mix for a fitness class. We've got customers who have used us for 10 years, it really works well.


- It doesn't work like other Auto-mixing systems. It uses a combination of human input and automation. The human input is stored and later used by the system to help create the natural sounding mixes.


- This is it's weak point - it takes a few minutes of human time to register it in the system. Currently it's the only way to get a natural sounding, 100% reliable mix. So it can't work with millions of tracks.


- But for perspective, we already have over 20,000 tracks analysed, which is more than all mixable tracks in every top 100 for the last 40 years!


- We could create an easy interface where labels can upload their track info themselves - that way the database would quickly grow.


- It's currently limited (licensing) to fitness professionals, but it could easily plug into Spotify. 


I'm sure it's not new, in fact didn't Spotify try out a system a few years ago? If it's ok with admin I'd share the link where you can select any tracks and hear how the mixer performs. Thanks!

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Well here it is anyway!




- Think of a track,

- add it to the Tracklist,

- click "Mix Demo" between the tracks you want to hear 



Indeed! It would be absolutely amazing if the automix feature was available for any playlist, even the ones created by regular users.

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Hi Paul yes that's what would happen, it happens already on fitmixpro.com. Dear Spotify, please plug in our AutoDJ 😄 


Yes this is definitely a needed option.

Listening to Spotify playlist in car is very cool thanks to automix.

When I switch to my own playlist I really feel the difference.


Other option would be to allow people to manage the crossfade on their own, if "automix" for self made playlist is too complicated.

Example, add in the Computer app only (for safety reason), 3 additional columns in the playlist which are:

 - Music Start

 - Music Stop

 - Crossfade Start

Of course it will need a lot of work for the user to "manage" playlist crossfade on his own, but it will be cool to be able create my own "Samples" :).



Please add this option in our playlist, is really needed, all of us may be more happier with that. You should think add it in new coming updates.