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[All Platforms][Other] Romanized Lyrics for Songs Not In Latin Alphabet

Recently, Spotify (at least in my iOS app) has added a very helpful feature which is lyrics. It finally collaborated with Musixmatch (thanks God why haven't you done this sooner).


Problem is, I am an Indonesian listener who is familiar with Latin alphabet. I loved many Asian songs, which we know, are not written in language using those Latin alphabets, namely K-Pop, J-Pop, or you name it. Those songs' lyrics are still shown in their original alphabet (K-Pop in hangeul, J-Pop in kanji and hiragana, etc). Usually, foreign listeners are able to sing-a-long by looking at the romanization version.


Now I know that Musixmatch indeed does not have that romanization lyrics, but Genius does and I know Spotify has partnership too with Genius, I guess? So, why not give a choice for listeners to choose between Genius or Musixmatch?



1. We want romanized lyrics to Asian songs or any songs not using Latin alphabet

2. Give options for Spotify listeners to choose which version to show

3. If Spotify can no longer show Genius' service, push Musixmatch so that they make romanized lyrics available.



Global Spotify member.


A comment below notified me that Musixmatch has provided options for translations and indeed they are now shown in Spotity. I see this as a nice improvement! However, what we wanted is a romanized version of the original language so we can do sing-along 😞 Please make this happen! 


Updated on 2022-06-21

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here.


This option feature are already available in musixmatch, you can choose what lyrics you need, the data are already in their database.
The original will be default of course, so users who are fine with the original lyrics don't have to bother changing the lyrics.





I would absolutely love this as an option for lyrics!



Please Spotify Staff, make this happen!
We need it, singing along not knowing the alphabet it's really hard.


Gosh i wish this was a thing.


It still baffles me to see that this is not a basic feature yet. I generally like to sing along with the songs I have in my playlist and whenever I find a new Japanese song, it completely breaks the ease of use with Spotify when I need to use some other service to get the romaji lyrics. Please make it happen. Thank you.


I don't know if that's what you meant, but i would like to make a further suggestion and say to focus on adding Romanji first, then add translations. This because translations are hard to make and to me Romanji is more than enough


Hope this will happen, plz Spotify !!!


Great idea! Been wanting this forever! I have a folder full of text files of the Romanized versions of my favorite songs so I can sing along. Very useful for learning the songs too! Would be nice to not have to go searching every time though...


This is an excellent idea that increases accessibility to users who do not understand for example the japanese letter and that are many. Romanization of the lyrics of songs from the East are important as well as passing ours to the East. I am sad to hear that Spotify has done absolutely nothing about it. the post is 2020 and was only answered in 2022 as a ''good idea'', regrettable. 🤡


To help not-Japanese music enjoyers to sing easily, because is a lot better to see letters in place of Hiragana and Katakana.

So to summarize, to let the user in what manner view the lyrics (To sing for now i have to good other sites to view the text)