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I can do that very briefly. Don't let Tidal overtake you. Tidal now supports Dolby Atmos. I am a musician and work as a sound engineer. Atmos and similar formats are now gaining more and more interest. That is why Tidal now has a corresponding offer. I can only recommend Spotify to do so, otherwise you will lose users to the competition.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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Great idea! Full support 🙂


PS. amtos in not a proper tag...


How can you mark this as a new idea as I told Spotify back in January.

 I don’t want to leave Spotify as I enjoy so please tell me if you are going down the Dolby road or DTS etc..






Am play most of my music on my TV with Dolby Atmos soundbar ben watching movies for a while with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, so long so when am playing music on Spotify i relly start to notise the sound diffrens, so planing as well to leaving Spotify for Amazon Music, or Tidal them both support the Atmos. 

Would be great to know if Spotify have Dolby Atmos soon? or am just going swap service. 


Before I switched to Spotify, I had a two month trial with Tidal, because I was interested in their support for Atmos. But this turned out to be kind of disappointing, since they only support Atmos on a phone. But that's not really enjoying the full extend of Atmos. For me it would only have added value if you can enjoy the full experience of Atmos, if you can play it over your Atmos enabled receiver and speakers. Would be great if Spotify could support something like that. 


Great Idea!


Especially with the rise of compatible devices, like the Samsung S and Note line, and the latest iPhones, which have Dolby Atmos support. I have tested Dolby Atmos on Tidal vs Spotify and it makes a HUGE difference on my Galaxy S20 Ultra! I hope Spotify adds this soon, as I am highly considering changing to Tidal 



Especially with the rise of Dolby Atmos enabled smartphones (such as the latest Samsung S and Note line, latest iPhones, latest OnePlus, etc), Dolby Atmos has a large user base now.


I have tried Dolby Atmos on Tidal vs Spotify on my Galaxy S20 Ultra I found Dolby Atmos made a HUGE difference to the music quality (and is not a gimmick, compared to Sony 360 Audio).


I think Spotify needs to consider this feature, and it's worth switching to Tidal for that feature alone!

I think you are right but does it have all music like 80s genres as I have heard it's all mostly r&b based and rap,can you confirm?

True, tidal is more R&B oriented. They have 80s, but many suggestions you get are also more R&B. Not my favorite gerne. Of you want atmos, you need the more expensive subscription also, and 19 or so dollars/euros a month I think it's a bit too much.

Personally I prefer Spotify and I also like their suggestions to listen to other stuff better.