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It's been absolutely lovely for Discord users like myself that use Spotify daily to be able to show everyone what our music taste is like, and what we are listening to. It makes using Discord more fun and a lot of Discord users are switching over to Spotify from whatever other music services they use. It would seem apparent that this integration was a fantastic idea.

The server was created for Spotify users to talk about music, share playlists, let others know of their experience with Spotify as a service, and be a support hub for the Spotify app. So far, many people have left glowing reviews about Spotify and its services. It turns out that these Spotify reviews have influenced some users to purchase Spotify Premium! The server also has a channel for creating listening parties, if someone is in the mood for being the DJ. I created this because I hadn't seen any other Spotify servers succeeding or growing at the rate I imagined they could. The bot we created is a supplement to bring in users to the server and make the server an area of both form and function.
Not only would this server benefit Spotify as a community, but it would also benefit Spotify as a company by promoting the purchase of premium from many users on Discord that are not very familiar with Spotify already.

Now, onto the bot itself.
We created the bot to expand upon what the Discord and Spotify integration already does, present users with a seamless way to share their music experiences with others. For example, the bot has a command called "!spotmusic" which allows a user to find others listening to either the same artist or the same song as they are currently, by using the Spotify Rich Presence on Discord. It is very simple for users to run the command, and others available, and so far it has been successful in allowing users to meet people with similar taste in music, artist, and the like.
Our bot also has basic commands for grabbing a link to a song someone else is listening to, allowing for interpersonal exploration of taste and culture; after all, it's what Spotify was made for. These are but two samples of an array of features the bot offers our, mine and your, listening community.
Our server is based on Spotify because we think it's the best music streaming service out there right now and we also think that, with your help, we can make this Spotify server a very large community on Discord that would not only benefit Spotify as a service but allow discussion of music, the brand, the community therein, on a very large scale.
We're open to any questions, suggestions, or concerns you have regarding our server. Please let us know your thoughts!
Here is an invite link to our server: 
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Fantastic! I'll be joining the server!

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Hey @DJPar


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Status changed to: New Idea

Status changed to: New Idea

Updated on 2018-12-28