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[All Platforms][Playlists] Move track to top or bottom in playlist with 1 click

My idea is when you right-click on a track in your playlist, there is an option that says "move track to top" or "Move track to bottom" now I have to drag the track to the top myself and with over 1500 tracks in my playlist it takes some time to do, because when you pre-save a track it comes to the top of your playlist and when you add a track by yourself in comes to the bottom. Make a feature that you can move tracks to the top or bottom of your playlist with 1 -click.

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Updated on 2021-06-13

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Updated on 2019-07-23

This is a repost of this inactive idea.


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I actually was going to post something similar to this! I'm an avid playlist curator, and I like to send all of my favorite tracks, but when I have a playlist with over 300 tracks on it, it gets motonous trying to send certain songs to the top and having to drag/scroll all of it to the top.


This simple UI idea is a simple idea that can greatly enhance the UX and can be implemented almost seamlessly with an update. Thank you for mocking up this idea!


I second this idea. I maintain about a dozen of playlists, and would love to have this feature. Especially with big playists of 100+ tracks, this feature would be a time-saver.


Please can we get this? It's so annoying that the functionality does not match. My liked songs get sent straight to the top, but when I add it to an existing playlist, it gets sent to the bottom. 


A suggestion for you all. On the PC you can select songs using the Ctrl button and drag the selected to the top. 


Yes please!


this is a real need in my opinion. A usual strategy is to add new tracks at the top, and drop the last ones after a fixed number of tracks (say 50 or 100).



This is the similar idea to that I've posted, see this one..

Adding songs to top of the playlist is highly demanding out there as I've seen while searching for my issue. We can view it by sorting it to recently added first. But we can do it only for us in app. While playing through google commands it won't work. When we share our playlist to others, it'll be the same and they should again change the sort. Any APIs on other apps opening playlist through link also won't show in desired order. Spring helps but only for us inside application. 


That's why adding new tracks to top of the playlist is highly super likely for everyone out there. You can do one thing if half of the people won't like that. Add a toggle switch to settings. If we switch that, new playlist adding lies in top. If we switch that off, it goes as usual, the added track goes to the bottom. 


Please try to implement this. Spotify is the greatest music streaming platform out there, why can't it should be perfect for everyone?


Thank you so much.


I'm a Spotify Premium user for 6+ years now. Never missed any feature honestly. But this one now really becomes important for me. Here is why:
- For years i am keeping one single playlist with all my current favorite songs
- I simply sort them by "Recently added", so every new song I add the playlist is on top
- However, I recently switched to a new Spotify Account (registered with facebook on my old account and wanted to get rid of fb)
- I copied the playlist from the old account to my new one (by selecting all and dragging it to a new playlist)
- All old tracks are still sorted in the correct order.
- However, everytime I add a new song, its added to the bottom
- I can no longer simply sort by "Recently added" because all old songs have the same timestamp (the time where I copied them all)

Please add this feature 🙂


For the love of all that it holy............this needs MORE VOTES. I have been dying to get this feature for years. The current drag-and-drop method is awful for larger playlists. PLEASE FOLKS give this one a vote.