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[All Platforms][Playlists] Upload GIFs as Playlist Covers

I think it would be really great if Spotify could allow GIFs to be uploaded as Spotify Playlist Covers - it would add a nice touch of personality to each playlist and make it pop even more! I really like the animated covers of some Spotify Playlists and it would be really cool if we could do something similar with our playlists


This idea has been submitted a few times before but I genuinely love the idea and think it deserves another shot at voting and I hope it gets enough votes this time! 🙂

Updated on 2023-03-30

Hey everyone,


It seems that this idea ended up in the wrong board accidentally, so we're bringing it back.


We're keeping the previous Not Right Now status, as we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here.


Take care.

It should be amazing to design your own gif. Image and can have that as picture of your own playlists
Status changed to: Up for Votes

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉


I agree. I think this will increase the spotify playlist aesthetic tenfold. It's also very relevent with all the popular music livestreams on Youtube with aesthetic animation loops. This could easily be recreated on Spotify if we were able to upload GIFs as playlist cover images.


I agree! I am a graphic designer working on an upcoming release. The cover is going to be a lenticular, which is basically a 3 frame animated gif on paper. So after seeing if animated album art was supported, I only found complaints from users who were apparently part of some beta group. If Spotify were to establish some working guidelines, this would be a great feature to implement without being too annoying. For example, a moving billboard is only allowed to move so much as to not distract drivers. I would love to be able to do this!

Status changed to: Inactive Idea

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-03-26


Your idea has been submitted a while ago but unfortunately hasn't gathered enough kudos (50 per year). In order to keep an overview of the active & recent ideas in this forum, we will close this idea for now. However this does not mean that your idea has been declined by Spotify.

If you still feel strongly about your request, we encourage you to post your idea in a little different form again! Maybe now is the right time to receive the support of our community for your suggestion! 😉

Do you have any further questions on how the idea exchange is managed? Just click here!


Y'all should make GIF's available to be used as playlist covers bc that'd be hella dank

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-05-31

Marked as new idea.


I also had this idea. I searched it, before posting it, but didn't find it.


Support GIF Files For Playlist Cover Art


A couple nights ago, I had an idea for a playlist based on a certain pop culture reference that would be perfectly represented by a certain GIF.

I would like to see GIF files supported for the cover art. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one, who would like this. I could see this being perfect for party playlists, where you take a clip of something memorable that happened, or a cookout playlist, where you catch a shot of the flames coming up. I don't want to give away too many good ways to use it, though. I better keep some for myself. 


Imagine browsing through playlists, and seeing something moving. That would probably be the first playlist that people go to. You, Spotify, could shoot high quality GIFs, and add them to your own playlists, as well. Think, if Spotify implemented this how it would make the service stand out. Think, if Spotify didn't implement this idea...


So, how about it?


Mad respect to your description. I support this fully


Hey, this is a good idea. I had the same idea. You should tell more about it and why, so Spotify might take it into consideration. This would be great for one or more of my playlists.