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[All Platforms][Playlists] View all playlist followers/who likes my playlists

I would really like the ability to view all of my playlist followers and I am sure I am not the only one. What I am suggesting is a simple system, where you could press on the "# Followers" section of the playlist Window:


allow view followers.png


I would suggest it would either give you a drop down of all the followers or even better (in my opinion), a redirect to another page with all the followers on it similar to the Following/Followers tab in the Follow page of the client.


Please add your kudos and any comments here!


Updated on 2019-01-30

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




Why is it taking so long to add this feature? It's incredibly simple, everybody wants it, I don't see the hold up.


We appreciate everything spotify does, but it would be so so great to have this feature. Please make this happen, It has been years since someone requested!



As someone who literally makes playlists for a living and submits them to businesses, I would love to be able to see the number of plays and/ or who the followers of a playlist are. This helps me better understand my audiences and their taste so I can continue to curate specific playlists for them.


This is needed 


I release new playlists to the public weekly and would LOVE to see this feature implemented. I can see how many are following each playlist but really like to know who. Thank you.


Spotify will lose to Apple music if it keeps taking away features people loved about it. Removed touch preview, removed ablity to see follower count and much more. Shame. Listen to your community. 




Would it be possible to give us a reason why this hasn't been implemented? The information exists but you choose not to show it. What gives? There's demand for it but do not re-implement so there must be some incentive not to. It would show some respect for your users in disclosing the reasons or at least give us something other than some empty, generic PR answer.


Cmon guys, u already have it