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I think Podcasts should have different settings for autoplay than music. With music, the most desired way to listen is to proceed to the next song automatically without having to select one. But that's not the way podcasts are generally consumed - it is a more deliberate process. And particularly because the default sorting of a podcast is to display them with the most recent podcast first, it's quite a disruption to listen to a podcast all the way through and it begins to play the "next" episode - which also happens to be an older one that you've probably already listened to. There should be a setting that users can select to only play one podcast at a time. When the podcast is done, I want to manually select which episode of which podcast to listen to next, not have it chosen for me - and I would bet that's a pretty common listening pattern.

Updated on 2021-06-13

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It's frustrating when listening to meditation podcasts, for example, when I am going to sleep. I'll wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning and the podcast episodes have been playing the entire night, using up battery life on my phone. Disabling autoplay for music has no effect on podcasts, so I would like to know if there is a way to disable the podcast autoplay function.


I am cancelling my Spotify subscription because of this.  It's totally unacceptable.  I am over it.  If you ever implement this feature I will consider coming back.  Until then you will not get anymore of my money.  I am soooo tired of trying to figure out what episodes I have and haven't listened to.  It boggles the mind that I pay for a service and it won't let me decide if something will play after listening to the one episode I want to listen to at that particular time.


I vote for this as well! It's annoying to autostart the next podcast. In all cases I have to open the app to stop it again. Besides this the desktop podcast app lacks the sorting of podcast on newly released. Strange thing because it is available in the Android phone app.


Crazy how it's been so long and there hasn't been an update. This is such a simple, basic feature, the fact we've had to beg for it for years is truly ridiculous. 


 I don’t know when it was added as I just recently started to listen podcasts on Spotify, but there is a Sleep Timer feature where you can pick the time or the end of episode. That stopped the auto play for me. I’m on iPhone by the way. 


Yes, this works, thank you very much!

FYI for others, the sleep timer is a moon icon on the bottom right of the screen when you’re playing the podcast. Enjoy!


It's still a bug 

Makes no sense at all to have autoplay disable option available for music, and NOT for podcast. For podcast autoplay should not be the default. Nobody wants to listen to podcasts like that. And if people do, fine, give them the option. BUT DO NOT MAKE IT AN UNCHANGEABLE DEFAULT !

The podcast part is just broken in spotify, and the lazy developers won't spend 15 minutes fixing this. Or perhaps the stupid managers who manage them. Or perhaps greedy investors who think they can make more money forcing autoplay? God only knows...

All other podcasts apps let users choose if they want autoplay.

And the sleeptimer is not a real solution. Now every time people are forced to use the sleep-timer every time they just want to listen to one podcasts they selected.

I'm seriously starting to wonder what's wrong with spotify.

I switched to google podcast, and I will be cancelling my subscription.

It's a shame. Spotify is great for music, but hates podcast listeners.





Found this thread after googling for how to enable this feature.  Am shocked that it's not actually implemented.  The proposed workarounds are more trouble than the issue itself.  Would absolutely cancel my premium and use another service except the content I want is exclusive to spotify. 👎

That is the only reason I am using it instead of Pocketcast. Couple of
tweaks and it would be great. Spotify just does not seem to have made any
changes since I started the thread last year. All they would need to do is
look at the basic features offered in any podcast app and find a way to
emulate in their existing application. I am sure it is easier said than
done. However this has been a request since almost day one.

Yeah, I can't use Spotify as a podcast app until this is added. Not so much a feature request as a bug fix as it's not a podcast player without it.  Please fix this!