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I think Podcasts should have different settings for autoplay than music. With music, the most desired way to listen is to proceed to the next song automatically without having to select one. But that's not the way podcasts are generally consumed - it is a more deliberate process. And particularly because the default sorting of a podcast is to display them with the most recent podcast first, it's quite a disruption to listen to a podcast all the way through and it begins to play the "next" episode - which also happens to be an older one that you've probably already listened to. There should be a setting that users can select to only play one podcast at a time. When the podcast is done, I want to manually select which episode of which podcast to listen to next, not have it chosen for me - and I would bet that's a pretty common listening pattern.

Updated on 2021-06-13

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An inability to turn off autoplay for podcasts is the one reason I will never even consider using Spotify for podcasts.


Please allow me to disable autoplay on podcast episodes. Please! 


Please make this change happen. I never listen to more than one podcast in one session. It's unnecessarily bothersome that you have to manually interfere to prevent the next podcast from starting. Why should there not be a "stop autoplay" function for podcasts if there is one for songs already?


So it seems the original idea was to have separate settings for podcasts but actually even if I turn the main autoplay off it still plays the next one. I would say this is a bug.

I have also now noted that the current version will randomly decide to take
me to streaming music, which i don't want, at the completion of a podcast.
This is a recent change in the last couple weeks. I don't want to be
listening to an episode of a podcast i have downloaded and expecting the
next episode to play, only to get justin bieber to start playing. Not what
I asked for and not even in my music preferences.

After listening to a downloaded podcast it starts streaming the next podcast!? even when there are plenty downloaded episodes! Even with autoplay turned off! We need the ability to turn off autoplay for podcasts!  it uses to much cell data when away from home wifi. its frustrating as **bleep** 4 pages of complaints about this and no help I will be using other app if nothing changes


This has been going on for 2-3 years now and nothing from Spotify. I’m seriously considering dropping my Premium subscription over this.  


Completely agree about all the comments. The autoplay options really are poor on here. I just want it to play one episode while i fall asleep. Simple. That's it. Instead I wake up 4 hours later and it's played another 8 episodes (going in decending order I might add).


Podcasts aren't songs. We consume them in a completely different way


The current autoplástico makes Spotify unsuitable as a podcast player to me. I usually listen to podcasts in bed and sometimes I fall asleep while listening. It would b horrible if it just keeps playing all night long.


Has this feature been added to Spotify yet? If not why not Spotify, get the finger out.