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[All Platforms] [Podcast] Individual Autoplay Settings

I think Podcasts should have different settings for autoplay than music. With music, the most desired way to listen is to proceed to the next song automatically without having to select one. But that's not the way podcasts are generally consumed - it is a more deliberate process. And particularly because the default sorting of a podcast is to display them with the most recent podcast first, it's quite a disruption to listen to a podcast all the way through and it begins to play the "next" episode - which also happens to be an older one that you've probably already listened to. There should be a setting that users can select to only play one podcast at a time. When the podcast is done, I want to manually select which episode of which podcast to listen to next, not have it chosen for me - and I would bet that's a pretty common listening pattern.

Updated on 2021-06-13

Hey everyone,


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I like auto play ability for music but I don’t like having to manually turn it off when listening to podcasts. It would be cool to have a feature to keep auto play on for music but off for podcasts


As of now, podcast recommendation plays podcasts you listened to and disliked. Separate button from music autoplay is needed to stop podcasts we don’t want to listen to from automatically playing. This specially important for when we’re listening while driving, working out, or with our hands full and unable to change or skip them. Or add a thumbs down feature that lets spotify know NOT to autoplay certain podcasts. 


I listen to podcasts regularly, sometimes while driving. I've noticed lately that when an episode of a podcast I listen to finishes, Spotify will start playing an episode from a podcast I have no interest in or one that I listened to once and found I didn't enjoy.

Sometimes the podcasts that play automatically don't align with my values or views and it frustrates me that I have to listen to them or pull over while driving to stop them. 

There needs to be either an option to opt out of a podcast that you don't like so that it won't automatically play or an option to turn off autoplaying of suggested podcasts. 


This needs to be implemented without impacting the music settings as I do still want suggested songs to play. 

A feature like this will greatly improve the user experience and lead to less frustration with the app. I have considered switching to another platform as a result. 


I would like to request a feature that allows users to have separate autoplay settings for music and podcasts. Currently, the autoplay setting in Spotify is global and affects both music and podcasts. This can be inconvenient for users who prefer different behaviors for these types of content.

Feature Request:

1. Separate Autoplay Toggles:
• Add an option to enable or disable autoplay specifically for podcasts.
• Add an option to enable or disable autoplay specifically for music.
2. User Control:
• Allow users to control the behavior of autoplay for each type of content independently.
• This way, users who enjoy continuous music playback can keep it enabled while those who prefer not to have back-to-back podcast episodes can disable it.


• Enhanced user experience by providing more control and customization over how content is consumed.
• Catering to diverse listening preferences, making Spotify more user-friendly for all types of listeners.

Thank you for considering this request. I believe this feature would greatly improve the listening experience for many Spotify users.


Is there an update on this functionality of having two separate auto play options?