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[All Platforms] [Podcast] Individual Autoplay Settings

I think Podcasts should have different settings for autoplay than music. With music, the most desired way to listen is to proceed to the next song automatically without having to select one. But that's not the way podcasts are generally consumed - it is a more deliberate process. And particularly because the default sorting of a podcast is to display them with the most recent podcast first, it's quite a disruption to listen to a podcast all the way through and it begins to play the "next" episode - which also happens to be an older one that you've probably already listened to. There should be a setting that users can select to only play one podcast at a time. When the podcast is done, I want to manually select which episode of which podcast to listen to next, not have it chosen for me - and I would bet that's a pretty common listening pattern.

Updated on 2021-06-13

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Your suggestion has gathered the votes necessary and your feedback is now reaching the internal teams at Spotify. They're aware of the vote count and popularity of this idea. We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here, too.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


Yes, please!

I wanted to switch from Apple Podcasts to podcasts on Spotify but this auto-play feature is extremely intrusive and annoying. 

That logic might work for music but podcast episodes are different and we should be able to choose. 

Unfortunately, I’m not switching until this changes. 


Yes, please! Can you introduce a function to play only one podcast at a time? Would be great for people like me who listen to them before going to bed. Thanks in advance!!


Bump. Why is this not already a feature?? Come on, Spotify. I'm a paying customer, but there is no way to do "single play" for podcasts? Also Spotify sorts podcasts in the wrong order. The dates are correctly sorted, but my favorite podcast is so long that it is divided into 2 parts.  Spotify autoplay keeps playing Part 2 before Part 1.  WHY??


Please, please can Spotify introduce an autoplay button for podcasts? It's frustrating to have to view my queue and manually remove 20, 40 or even more podcasts manually - one by one!! It really does seem like a simple feature to implement. 

Thank you.




Hi-please get this or something similar implemented. With work and kids in the vicinity, it can be 100% inappropriate for a podcast episode to automatically start playing.  


In the spirit of " Individual Autoplay Settings" can you please also consider toggling Autoplay on/off at the playlist level? I'll create a playlist to line up with our set list so that I can "play along" with. In this case I don't want "similar" songs to Autoplay.  Another playlist may be a some songs from a new genre that I've become interested in. In this case I love the Autoplay feature.

I've found so many songs and been introduced to new artists through Thanks to Autoplay. I can disable and enable and on and on but it sure would be cool and appreciated if we could toggle at the playlist level.


Not only does there not seem to be a way to toggle autoplay for podcasts on and off, but it works regardless of if I'm using wifi or data. I don't have unlimited data. If I don't notice that it's gone past what's been downloaded onto my phone, I am not happy. Not to mention it'll often go back to the first episode that wasn't played all of the way through, which is one that very much was intentionally not played. The framework for turning off autoplay is already there for music, just apply the same concept to podcasts.


Along the same line, it seems that the app knows the ones you actually listened to from the device. Ones you marked as played as you listened via another app before the podcast moved over may also randomly play after completion of the newest one. So would be nice if we had the way to turn this off per the above post but also wanted to let you know about that behavior or to flag previously played episodes to not play again. Most podcast apps remove/archive the episode so that it does not continue to show in your play list.  


YES! This is a sole reason I will not use Spotify for podcast listening. I would like the option to autoplay or not.


It seems spotify hates podcasts listeners 😞 


This is such a basic and simple option to add!


I like to use spotify, but it's forcing me to use an other app for my podcasts.


Very frustrating when I just want to listen 1 podcast before sleep, and I forget to set the "end at end of episode" check (that happens a lot when you are sleepy). 


Then I wake up, and podcasts still playing. Waster all my 4g data and phone battery. 


WHY spotify, WHY?