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I think Podcasts should have different settings for autoplay than music. With music, the most desired way to listen is to proceed to the next song automatically without having to select one. But that's not the way podcasts are generally consumed - it is a more deliberate process. And particularly because the default sorting of a podcast is to display them with the most recent podcast first, it's quite a disruption to listen to a podcast all the way through and it begins to play the "next" episode - which also happens to be an older one that you've probably already listened to. There should be a setting that users can select to only play one podcast at a time. When the podcast is done, I want to manually select which episode of which podcast to listen to next, not have it chosen for me - and I would bet that's a pretty common listening pattern.

Updated on 2021-06-13

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Unbelievable that this has been 5 years and still not yet fixed. 


I created an account here just to vote on this issue. It is the biggest pain I experience when using Spotify, I have to remember every time I put on a podcast to set an "End of episode" sleep timer. Should be a quick fix.


I would like the option to play one podcast episode at a time. If I fall asleep during an episode I wake up to find that several episodes have been played and are now marked as played even though I didn’t hear them. I’m going to look for a different podcast app because it’s so annoying.


How is this not fixed yet? It's too hard to make an "Autoplay songs and music" toggle and a seperate toggle for podcasts? Seriously? It's like the Spotify developers took everything the good podcast apps were doing and decided to do the exact opposite.


end of 2023 and still no change 😞  Ive had to switch to a seperate podcast app, until this is resolved.


Every so often I check to see if this has been resolved. Nope, and I won’t use this app for podcasts as long as it is the case. One must be able to listen to a single podcast and then select another podcast to listen to before it autoplays an unwanted episode. I continue to use a different app for podcasts. 


I have changed to Spotify to play music and podcasts. Unfortunately I have to change back to a separate app to play podcast episodes because this issue is not fixed. What is the status of this idea?


Highly agree! Easiest solution would probably be to divide the autoplay setting between music and podcasts, so you can toggle each on and off respectively.


This is my main issue using Spotify for listening to podcasts. I listen while I am doing something, my hands are usually busy. It's beyond annoying when I am driving, cooking, walking my dogs, etc. to have to scramble for my phone/app when a random podcast episode starts playing after mine finishes. Just make it SILENT, I'd much prefer that than this annoyance. But God forbid Spotify doesn't get that sweet ad revenue from autoplay...


This was asked for FIVE years ago now. Music listening experience is different than podcast listening, if it's not in the queue we don't want to hear it. 


We should have the option to turn off playback for podcasts but keep it on for music. When I’m listening to a podcast I don’t want a random one starting but when I listen to music I like having the playback function.