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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Option to disable or hide podcasts entirely

I don't listen to podcasts and don't intend to. But it currently takes up valuable space in both the Spotify mobile app and also in Android Auto. It's annoying having to see podcasts all the time when I don't care for them and don't want to see them.


Is it not reasonable to just have a toggle to show podcasts or not?

Updated on 2023-10-13

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange and for bringing us your continual feedback. We also think this is a great idea and that there's an opportunity to make it happen, so we're looking into it further.


We'll post here when we have an update - Stay tuned!


No clue why I am able to hide a musical artist, but not a specific podcast.  Why do I still see thumbnails of greaseball Tucker Carlson, Hitler / the history of Hitler, and Joe Rogan podcasts all over my Spotify Home Screen and can’t do anything about it?  Please allow users to hide podcasts.  I will literally terminate my subscription over this— I can get identical service without seeing Joe Rogan’s face elsewhere.


Under consideration for almost half a year. This whole community feels like a scam

I would like the option to completely remove the audiobooks and podcasts to save space and time. I only click on “My Library” when I use the app and my wife uses YouTube 95% of the time for her podcasts so she wouldn’t mind it gone. It would make it so much faster and better for the people that don’t need/use audiobooks/podcasts AT ALL.


And I came back to add to this comment that I think it’s utterly useless to even click the “not interested” button because things still show up in the audiobooks/podcasts sections after you tap “not interested”. I completely closed out of the app and it still pops up with things the things I want removed. I want audiobooks/podcasts GONE. PLEASE.    


Please notice that the only way for me to do something to show I don't want to be listening to a certain podcast is to give it a 1 star rating. I do that also to podcast I have never listened to, but was pushed into by the gloriousness that is the Spotify suggestion engine. This is totally unfair to the person making that particular podcast and Spotify carries all blame here 

Actually not a bad idea. Then the creators might get on board...

Seriously though, if they get a bunch of 1-star reviews that just say "I
don't want to have this podcast promoted to me anymore, and this is my only
recourse, since Spotify won't let users hide individual podcasts that we're
not interested in..."

It MIGHT get noticed.

Coming to add my 2p worth...


My homepage is currently row after row after row of podcast recommendations, with very few music recommendation rows at all (ignoring the 'here's stuff you already like or have listened to recently so why don't you listen to it again now' rubbish). 


Out of the 19 rows of squares on my homescreen:

  • 13 are podcast or audiobook recommendations
  • 1 'Made for you' row
  • 2 'Recently played' or 'Jump back in'
  • 1 editor's picks (music)
  • 1 'My playlists'
  • 1 'your top mixes'

So, just 3/19 are actually new music recommendations that I might want to check out, and they're all mixes and playlists where I'd like a mix of those and 'listeners of x also liked:' and then artists or albums...


I wouldn't mind if the 'Music' tab was how my homescreen used to be, but in reality it is just nine squares, two of which are 'listen to artists you already like', one is something that already appears in my Release Radar, one is a soundtrack from a TV show I already know I don't like, three are playlists I'm not interested in, leaving just two recommendations of anything interesting. 


Spotify was always great because it helped me find all sorts of new music. The podcasts are a nice addition, but they're now stopping me from doing the thing I I used to love about Spotify, so will probably have to bail elsewhere until it can be managed better and I can get my wealth of music recommendations back. Music is your core business. At least it used to be... 😕


Even as a podcast fan of certain genre, Spotify is deliberately and knowingly feeding us stuff we never subscribed to. Step OFF, Spotify.


This needs to happen. There are SEXUALLY EXPLICIT PODCASTS. Not to be all "think of the children" but... Like. Kids don't need to be hearing that. But they should be allowed to hear music that isn't kidzbop. So its either baby music or **bleep**? **bleep** You Spotify let me block podcasts. 


Edit: they censored my comment. It was p0®n I was trying to say THERES UNCENSORED P 0 ® N. The second bleep was the f word. 


Is there not an age restriction for children's accounts that *only* blocks the songs/shows/episodes that are marked Explicit? 

(Not having kids I'm making an assumption here, but why the *bleeepity bleep* have the {E} tag, only to then not use it as part of the parental controls? Or is that a whole separate FUBAR feature request?)
After seeing Law & Order SVU Season 9 episode 13, I came away with a better idea of how the minds of kids are shaped by the trash media they consume. I was intrigued and it made me do a bit of reading on the subject...
It's freaking crazy, tbh, and if that kind of granular parental control isn't available, that's pretty *bleepin' bleepy*
And it makes it even *bleeping* worse that this request with THOUSANDS of votes has been ignored so long...
Wake the *bleep* UP devs...

Idk if anyone will see this but if Spotify won't stop anything maybe the app stores will? If you read this you should report Spotify for sexual content on your app store/play store. Last I heard Google and Apple don't really like sexual content on their app stores and remove apps that don't comply.