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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Option to disable or hide podcasts entirely

I don't listen to podcasts and don't intend to. But it currently takes up valuable space in both the Spotify mobile app and also in Android Auto. It's annoying having to see podcasts all the time when I don't care for them and don't want to see them.


Is it not reasonable to just have a toggle to show podcasts or not?

Updated on 2023-10-13

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange and for bringing us your continual feedback. We also think this is a great idea and that there's an opportunity to make it happen, so we're looking into it further.


We'll post here when we have an update - Stay tuned!


If this service is going to go from music to an all-in-one audio service, toggling certain features or showing certain parts on the main screen needs to be a thing for the users. On the web player it has my song library, podcasts and audio books. What's funny is the main screen doesn't show any signs of audio books, but podcasts, you bet your sweet bottom that's gonna show up before music. This isn't right. This service/app is for your customers, and while some of us may listen to podcasts, that doesn't mean they need to be shoved down everyone's throat just because Spotify decided this is where the money is for this year. 


This honestly reminds me of Tidal when it was owned by Jay-Z and the main page was filled with Rap even though my library had no Rap in it. 


Spotify, don't be like that. Support your customer's wants. Think ahead. Don't force your bias on us. You have a good thing going. Add features, sure, but make them an option, not a requirement. 


A few days ago podcasts had, if not disappeared, been minimised on my app homepage and I thought ' maybe Spotify finally get it?'


No, just a few days respite from 'The ADHD Adults Podcast' and Gangster'...what is it about my music taste that has prompted these insane recommendations? Not relevant to me at all, same as all the other podcasts.


It's Friday, where's Release Radar and my other personalised playlists? Nowhere to be found.


When is**bleep** going to end? Oh, and why will the**bleep** get bleeped out here but it's ok to swear all over the unwanted podcast titles? 


I will never listen to podcasts, I only want music. I have a job. I can listen to music and I have more than I can ever listen to in a lifetime. I don't need podcasts. I don't care how much you've paid for them. Big mistake. Huge.


Well, it's been 3+ years now and this basic feature still hasn't been added. Spotify team just generally don't care about their customers and ignore requests for support by asking them to post in the community. Frequently over the last couple years I see Ideas and feature requests etc can be closed as duplicate, didn't gather enough interest (because it's incorrectly classified) or responded with useless chatter from staff who have no inclination to help or without any development or technical background. Every day I get more and more annoyed with Spotify.

I wonder how many of us are still monitoring this forum or have left Spotify? I've left for YouTube Music but my wife still holds an account because she believes Spotify can change. Is it time for a show of hands?


I don't blame the developers on this one.


To the Fatneck Corporate Bastards:





Spotify will not change! I just got a message today that I should enable notifications for new podcasts so I don't miss anything for my "podcast marathon".

For what? "podcast marathon" even though I've never listened to a podcast.

Spotify, **bleep** you!


I still have to get my wife and daughter to Deezer and we're finally off Spotify.

I left and have Tidal for myself, Apple Music family for my son and I, and my husband uses YouTube Music.
I still monitor this because my kid would like to use Spotify again. But he’s 10, his music taste has been too sophisticated for Spotify Kids since he was 4, and I don’t want him on a platform where podcasts with graphic descriptions of **bleep** with inaccuracies about sexual health abound.

I do listen to podcasts, but I don’t want them cluttering the front page. So I have always listened to podcasts on Apple Podcast, YouTube (the creators get paid more), or Patreon for the ones I personally support that don’t have a method for ad-free listening in podcast apps.
I would come back if Spotify implemented a toggle switch and the ability to block explicit content.


Good lord, I am so tired of seeing Joe Rogan's ugly mug staring at me in the middle of my home page every day. Please let me hide it. 


Spotify, please, please, just remove the podcasts.  I've never once clicked


Just letting folk at spotify know, not being able to hide podcasts means I'm not keeping premium as I got a new card last month and realised I just don't want to update you the new number, and its prompted me to try out alternatives for streaming my MUSIC of choice


Among all the meetings with stakeholders, might have forgotten why people listen to music, personally I listen to music to ESCAPE entirely any spoken words, endless information/rhetoric/intellect wars, humble braggers and self-obsessed folk vying for attention. Everyone is fighting for me to listen to them all the **bleep** time on the internet and agree with them, music is a way to get away from that, its my escape away from peoples thoughts


I get embarrassed when open spotify and I see always ADHD and some self-help stuff at the top of my recommendations, casted on my TV. 

Small "live-idea" to spotify maybe, but podcasts front and centre is strrroooooongly disliked by SOME of us. Okay, you're diversifying and want to prove your investments into podcasters was worth it, but... its offputting you don't give a **bleep** about what the user wants, you want me to "click the thing..." like every other platform

What if some of us are trying to get over a self-help addiction? Even the presence of all this "be more productive/be better" is insidious, irritating, insulting, advertising


Perhaps petty just how annoying I find it, but yeah I'm trying other music services for a bit. Best of luck with the whole diversification into spoken words non-music related stuff 

@beckatron500 it's been a while that I posted a comment here because all our comments are absolutely useless! Spotify dont care about these few (131 pages of comments and more than 6 000 votes are nothing in a world of 400 M and more users on the platform).


But hey, you're right in your comment. I stopped to listen to talk radio stations to get rid of all negatives things they can push to me every day. I even stopped listening to the news just to preserve my mental health. Listening to music is my escape, a thinbg that makes me feel good.


Some weeks ago I begun to give another try to YouTube Music cause I'm planning to take a subscription to YouTube Premium. No podcasts and in 1 month YouTube Music seems to know me better than Spotify (that I use since 1 year after used Apple Music for a while) by the suggestions it offers to me. Transfering my playlists was a big tasks, but it's done now.


Just to add another negative comment : I have created a new Spotify account 3 weeks ago. My old account had a new bad UI since last september (I posted a screenshot here). Big cards that makes discovery of new music completly impossible. These cards are same that shows when you tap on the new Music and Podcasts buttons at the top of home screen. These buttons never appeared on my new account that have the old UI.


I don't know who the designers are at Spotify, but maybe they should employ other people who have a different way of thinking.