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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Option to disable or hide podcasts entirely

I don't listen to podcasts and don't intend to. But it currently takes up valuable space in both the Spotify mobile app and also in Android Auto. It's annoying having to see podcasts all the time when I don't care for them and don't want to see them.


Is it not reasonable to just have a toggle to show podcasts or not?

Updated on 2023-10-13

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange and for bringing us your continual feedback. We also think this is a great idea and that there's an opportunity to make it happen, so we're looking into it further.


We'll post here when we have an update - Stay tuned!


por favor agreguen esta función, me voy a cambiar a YouTube music. cómo me molesta que me salgan podcast en mi página de inicio!!!


Spotify used to be amazing... until the dev1l himself started running things.


(LMA0 they sensor the word dev1l but are fine with showing inappropriate content to kids/teens)


I dont mind some podcasts recommendations but I am now getting way too many, it is spoiling the experience of using Spotify becuase it feels like spam or advertising. When in my car using it via Andriod Auto I get nothing but podcast recommendations on the home screen. I get why this is; you love capitalism and making big bucks in America or whatever, but I just want to listen to music in my car, and pay a reputable firm some money on a regular basis, in order to do so without compromise. Please be so kind to sort this issue at your next convenience. Thank you.


This one should be an absolute no-brainer for Spotify to implement.


Lots of push-back from users that the app is has become way too cluttered but as usual they’re not listening. Spotify continue trying to focus user attention away from music towards podcasts and audiobooks, with all of them now competing for the limited space available on the home screen. End Result? A complete cluster_f*_k  


Even though I follow one or two podcast for various reasons, I never listen to them. I'd like to have a feature to completely filter them out, or even better, move them out to a separate app.


Yes, please. They just get in the way. There should be a universal toggle in settings, something like "Show podcasts and audiobooks" that you can turn on or off.


Please add option to hide podcasts or other audio content than music with a button.


Since I also have the new TikTok design since last night and it is not reversible, I have finally canceled my family account. With Apple Music, the podcasts are in a separate app...great!


It's bizarre that this STILL isn't an option.



Absolutely sick of podcasts auto playing. I can’t block any content for podcasts and they keep autoplaying and suggesting triggering content. To me this is unacceptable and goes against what they say they “stand for”.