[All Platforms][Podcasts] Option to disable or hide podcasts entirely

I don't listen to podcasts and don't intend to. But it currently takes up valuable space in both the Spotify mobile app and also in Android Auto. It's annoying having to see podcasts all the time when I don't care for them and don't want to see them.


Is it not reasonable to just have a toggle to show podcasts or not?

Updated on 2021-06-04

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Spotify seems to be missing a lot of what is now considered standard functionality on OS's


Yes, Amen, leave me alone with your annoying opinionated podcasts! I'm here for music nothing else, so give me the choice to remove it from my view. and let me enjoy my paid music.
A simple on/off slider show podcasts will suffice thank you!


Edit, 9 months later, 400+ votes richer. Still no change. Still my home screen is cluttered with unwanted and annoying people and content. No, no no. I don't want to be annoyed with opinions when starting a relaxing song, nor I want to be bothered with thrilling true crime stories and such. Just go away with those tiles. let ME decide as a paying customer what is see. You don't force feed me music styles in my mixes i can't stand. But deem it ok to do so with podcasts? My answer, no!


If this continues my next post here is a step by step guided instruction explaining how to export your playlists to other services as Apple Music.







I wish they had this, this is basically unwanted advertising, if one is not interested in podcasts it shouldn’t constantly be pushed on you if you are premium user. The worst part is that it is right there at the top like the “most important content”, just like advertising would be, one has to actually scroll down to access the music section that we pay for. It is incredibly annoying.


Even if it isn't possible to toggle podcast functionality completely, which would be understandable, please allow taking it off the Home page. I pay a subscription so I don't hear ads, so please don't add what are basically banner ads to my app! 


This is really starting to annoy me about Spotify, I listen to 3 podcasts a week and then about 30 hours of music yet my home page is covered in podcast recommendations with only one row of music content. Please let us hide podcasts from the home screen, the main reason I have Spotify is for the music, I can listen to podcasts literally anywhere else for free.


How about fixing this item? Not interested in pod casts. There's 7.8 billion folks on the planet and 7.5 billion are not American.  As a member of the 7.5 billion, am not interested in American political pod casts, so please stop advertising them to me.


So, mine was disabled as being a duplicate because they have one on here over a year old, which is actually a duplicate of another I found about 3 years old. Spotify doesn't give a sht about their customers & listeners, got it. Next time I get a podcast on my main page I'm deleting the app, spotify can go fck themselves, & I'll revert to literally ANYONE ELSE because this is fcking ludicrous.


I disagree with removing podcasts completely but I do think that separating music and podcasts into two clearly defined screens would be preferable. 

On the flip side to your issue, I listen to podcasts every day and the process of finding my favourites is never straightforward. 

I think there is a need to tidy this experience up. 


This would be my preferred option. The "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening" salutation serves no purpose and actually takes up a valuable real estate in the hero area of the home page. By removing this and adding two options for Music and Podcast, this would allow the content to be divided into their relevant streams. 


I'd imagine these could be accessed either by tapping on the option or side swiping, a similar experience to the Google News app navigation.


Just a thought – would love to know others opinions 🙂