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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Option to disable or hide podcasts entirely

I don't listen to podcasts and don't intend to. But it currently takes up valuable space in both the Spotify mobile app and also in Android Auto. It's annoying having to see podcasts all the time when I don't care for them and don't want to see them.


Is it not reasonable to just have a toggle to show podcasts or not?

Updated on 2023-10-13

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange and for bringing us your continual feedback. We also think this is a great idea and that there's an opportunity to make it happen, so we're looking into it further.


We'll post here when we have an update - Stay tuned!


Hello user from 10 years in the future. No, they still haven't added this feature. This is the way.


I recently updated from a much older Spotify version - from early 2019 (what a mistake), and this is one of the increasingly many frustrating aspects of the iOS app. I'm constantly bombarded by 'Shows to Try' and recommended Podcasts clogging my Home tab, I really wish Spotify would quit trying to sell me podcasts when I have no interest in listening to them. An option to opt out of all podcast content would be fantastic but realistically I would be happy if I could filter the home screen to remove podcasts from there.  But as usual with the Spotify folks I don't expect much, they're probably too busy designing the next horrific UI update


These biz m0r0ns at Spotify want to be in the podcast space and because of that we have to see all that nonsense AT THE TOP of the fking Home screen!!! I’m not American and I don’t prefer to waste my time listening to someone blabber for HOURS, and so I certainly don’t want to see even the “P” of podcast on my fking music app. 

I hope they lose so bad that they have to sell off even the music business. Insufferable fools! 


How can it be that there still is no on/off slider button for these UNWANTED podcasts!? What the f is next, forcing me as a premium member to recite popular opinion before you can hit the play button.?


Get back to your place and stay there, dont force that opinionated 'content' on paying users!  fix this or this will be the reason to stop my subscription permanently!




good **bleep**ing job spotify


Please, implement this asap


Just registered here to ask for the feature!

Podcasts need to be optional, so people who think they are boring, are not bothered.


Goal achieved. Everyone on the planet knows Spotify has added podcasts. Can we now please reinstate a viable music experience? I pay for a premium family membership to remove advertising and now we're all inundated with Spotify's advertising of podcasts.  I'm disappointed with the bait and switch and won't tolerate this too much longer.   


Can we please have the option to remove podcasts? I made the mistake of accidentally playing one while searching for a song, which had the same name of the song I was searching for (bait much?).  I can’t stand podcasts. Please allow me to turn them off. Especially on my Home Screen.


Please make this feature asap!!! I don't want to see any ghost story podcast in my HOME PAGE anymore