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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Option to disable or hide podcasts entirely

I don't listen to podcasts and don't intend to. But it currently takes up valuable space in both the Spotify mobile app and also in Android Auto. It's annoying having to see podcasts all the time when I don't care for them and don't want to see them.


Is it not reasonable to just have a toggle to show podcasts or not?

Updated on 2023-10-13

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange and for bringing us your continual feedback. We also think this is a great idea and that there's an opportunity to make it happen, so we're looking into it further.


We'll post here when we have an update - Stay tuned!


Joe Rogan is a piece of garbage and actively harming society with his idiotic rhetoric. I don't want to see his garbage content on my home screen.


How can I stop having the Joe Rogan podcast garbage crammed down my throat as a recommendation? So sick of this garbage being recommended. I pay Spotify to listen to music. Not to have right wing garbage shoved down my throat. I see this idiotic podcast every single time I open the app and look at my home screen to discover music. Do I need to cancel Spotify and switch to another music provider to stop having Joe Rogan crammed down my throat?


I have both a Spotify and Apple account. I have kept the Spotify account purely because of Spotify connect, but the Podcast plague is pushing me to abandon ship.  Given that this issue has been discussed in the Community since 2019 and it is only getting worse, I can only conclude as some have, that Spotify does not care and positing ideas here is an exercise in futility. This is a simple programming question - failing to follow through is a choice. Apple Music sounds better and their U/I U/X is far superior. 


Podcast still there, me still out of premium subscription.


I often find the recommendations on Spotify useful. And I understand that the company is desperate to monetize podcasts. But I haven't listened to a podcast on Spotify in almost two years, and having 2-4 lines of recommendations taken up by podcast recommendations is tremendously offputting. And even worse is being reminded that Spotify hosts Joe Rogan. I pay to use Spotify to listen to music; please give me a way to turn off podcast (and audiobook) recommendations. 


Please make this happen Spotify!  It's been nearly 5 years since this post 😦

I've paid for the platform since 2013 but can't stand the awkward audiobook and podcast suggestions I get when I have NEVER once listened to a single one on Spotify.  All this time and still not even close to interested in anything but music, ya know the beautiful thing that made the app a success. 

Please please please help us hide the trash that clogs up the once amazing app that was filled with awesome musicians!



It's because they need to pay for musicians, when podcasts they pay no one... cheaper for them to keep offering podcasts.


I get some podcasts as new releases available listen next and podcasts. I listened maybe once or twice. They should full stop this.


I actually learned how to access podcasts on Spotify.  But Spotify's podcast "recommendations" (really advertisements) have become so aggressive, relentless, and mindless that I have stopped listening to podcasts on Spotify and use other platforms for podcasts.  I would like to listen to audiobooks on Spotify but I am afraid of the same relentless and mindless advertising.  So instead I use other platforms for audiobooks. 


I suggest you allow subscribers to limit podcast and audiobook recommendations to the podcast and audiobook tabs.  And that you stop "recommending" podcasts or audiobooks to which your subscriber registered "not interested."


That said, I do treasure and appreciate Spotify's recommendation for music.  Although, even there, it would be nice if subscribers could indicate "not interested" to certain content and if Spotify would then decline to recommend that content. 




Just tell me how to delete 


I don't want it to be show on my phone. Thanks. 


What I unfortunately don't understand at all is that when I click on "not interested" on a podcast, I don't want to see any more of this podcast, but then I am immediately offered the latest episode of this podcast again. Why?
I don't just want one episode gone, I want the entire podcast. It doesn't make any sense that way!


But, it has to be said, the music tab is now useful. When you click on it, you really only see things that have to do with music. After all!