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I saw this idea that didn't get enough kudos and got closed, so this is an updated version of that idea with some more suggestions on it.


- This is basically a referral program where Free or Premium Spotify users make other users join and use Spotify to get prizes like a month of Premium or maybe anything else. (Spotify Free users will get 1 month of premium and existing Premium users will not pay for their current month.)




- Any specific reward should be given when the user reaches a specific count of users invited (e.g. 1 month of Premium for 5 users)

- All invited users should sign up and start using to be counted as referrals.


More suggestions over this idea will be appreciated by everyone.


You can support this idea become a reality by voting, thank you all who voted for the idea :)




If someday this becomes a reality, this will help Spotify increase their users and help Free users experience Premium and maybe want to continue their subscription by paying and helping Spotify again. Win-win.


Many thanks.

Updated on 2018-11-18

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

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Updated on 2018-11-18

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


Apple Music/iTunes gives 7% commission off sales and subscriptions. Spotify should do this too. A lot of websites promote Apple Music preview players instead of Spotify for this very reason. I'm surprised Spotify doesn't already have some sort of affiliate program. Get on it!


This something i would like to get involved with why does Spotify resist this type of promotion i have friends and family i would activley push Spotify above other music streaming options


Really like this idea, if it can't be implemented like this maybe it can be done only for if you refer people to premium.

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Hey @rileyxbell @twopints and @ColourfulMelon,


Many thanks for the kind words and votes, definitely agree with you all and would like to see this feature as soon as possible.


Cheers :)

Casual Listener

I think this would be an awesome thing to be added, the only problem is the possibility of people trying to cheat the system by referring themselves. For a referral to work it will, of course, need at minimum an email attached? Even that seems easy to cheat. IP must be separate? This could be broken by a VPN IP scrambler. That's two debunked security features trying to prevent breaking of the system. Hmmm.