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[All Platforms] Remember Position in Playlist / Album

Please remember the current song playing in a playlist so if I switch away to a different playlist and then switch back, Spotify will know where I left off.


I often can't finish a playlist right away or my mood changes so I might switch to a different playlist. Later, I want to finish the previous playlist, not start over again.



Updated on 2023-03-27

Hey everyone,


This idea accidentally ended up in the wrong board, so we're moving it back here. 


We're keeping the Not Right Now status as we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here.


Take care.

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it
Updated: 2015-04-14

Hey everyone, we're marking this as a 'good idea'. We'd like to know how many of you support this so continue leaving your kudos and comments here, thanks!


This feature is so badly needed for listening to audiobooks... pls add it fast!


I have the same idea / wish / need for years. I think this should be a standart (optional) feature for every player which supports playlists.

Need this for audio books so bad.

it is really a must have function for audiobooks. will cancel audible as soon as spotify implement this feature


This would be great for long playlists, audio books, or multi volume lecures. I see it as a driving safety issue as well. While not AS big of a deal to find my place while standing in my livingroom, when my phone is docked in my dash, 3 feet away and I'm squinting and scrolling to find my place in a lecture series, while driving... It's not the safest thing. I know, I know. I should queue that stuff up before I go but my mood could change about the playlist I want to listen to and, afterall, the beauty of spotify is the variety it makes available. What good is that if it's too cumbersome to access on the run?  


I'd love to have this simple feature.


This feature would be a great enhancement for long playlists. Sometimes I need a music change based on work focus. First-world problem I know, but it is a bummer when returning to a long playlists to repeat a song before all songs on the list have been cycled through.


Please, please, please... You've gotten your 100 kudos, spotify staff. Please make a "bookmark".


I absolutely hate when I'm in the middle of somebody's playlist and take a break, then come back and I have to give up the entire playlist because I don't know where I left off and I don't need to hear the other songs again..


Tried writing down where I left off but it gets kinda anoying when you change your mood and listens to several playlists...


This function shouldn't be too difficult to add, and I know that A LOT of people would appreciate it. Not to mention that you would get a major advantage against your competitors.


Keep up the great work!


An important part of this "Restart play where you left off" is that the System needs to restore the Player to the Minute:Second where the last play stopped in the LastPlayed track of that particular playlist.