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[All Platforms] Remember Position in Playlist / Album

Please remember the current song playing in a playlist so if I switch away to a different playlist and then switch back, Spotify will know where I left off.


I often can't finish a playlist right away or my mood changes so I might switch to a different playlist. Later, I want to finish the previous playlist, not start over again.



Updated on 2023-03-27

Hey everyone,


This idea accidentally ended up in the wrong board, so we're moving it back here. 


We're keeping the Not Right Now status as we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here.


Take care.


Ugg.... How many dozens of positive comments over how many years does it take for a common sense improvement like this one need before Spotify believes it is worthwhile?


At some point, more and more paid subscribers are going to do as one commenter stated and go to the free account because we're not getting service for common sense items for our paid subscriptions,


I don't understand why Spotify ignores this request. They are making changes and adding new functions to the app, so the will to move forward and develop the app to customers delight is there. Then why not do this? Is it programmatically undoable? Don't they have the competence to build this solution? Or is it against their policy to let users know what have been played or not?
Actually, for me the request isn’t just about playlists. I would like to know if I’ve played a track or not, maybe even what date it was played. We all know that Spotify already keeps statistics and data on our listening habits. It wouldn’t be a big deal to hook up this information to the user interface, so that I also get to see my listening habits.

What now Spotify? Go, or no go? Or maybe I should put it like this: leave, or no leave?


This is both obvious & simple to code
Why does spotify pretend a simple UX improvement is so difficult?


Imagine being this pathetic actually... 11 years you have a request pending. 11 years people asking for a basic function to be implemented so you can properly use the service you pay for. And after all that time what do they have to show? An update saying "Not right now". Actually freaking unbelievable. So the last 11 years it wasn't "not right now"? Give me a break...

Yes. That’s why I gave up on Spotify and cancelled my service

I think this feature is really overlooked by Spotify because without it using their dynamic playlists like Discover Weekly or Podcasts playlists (Your episodes) annoying to use. 

Really hope Spotify would bump this up. 


Every other similar app I use to listen to podcasts and audiobooks has a bookmark option and it's frustrating to not have that option with Spotify (which I use for music and podcasts mainly).. I'm listening to a 383 hour playlist right now, but it's not the only thing I listen to. It is one that I need to listen to in order, though. I'm tired of constantly having to search through this playlist every time I need to figure out where I left off.


Yes, it's an excessively long playlist, but even a playlist of an hour or more can be frustrating without being able to mark your place if you need to or want to. There is no way to do this in Spotify now, so I've had to resort to trying to remember to take a screenshot every time I finish a session with that playlist so I can find my way back. Of course, I don't always remember and then I have to spend too much time trying to figure out where I left off.


The queue option doesn't help either because if I'm listening to another playlist, Spotify goes back to the queue after every single track, which makes it difficult to listen to different things.


It's unfortunate this basic functionality isn't available in Spotify for paid subscribers. I don't know if other music apps have this option, but every podcast and audiobook app seems to. Surely it should be possible? I hope it is and that it's a feature that will be implemented soon.


Netflix can remember where I am across multiple movies, and series. Audible can remember where I am across multiple e-books, and podcasts. Kindle can remember where I am across multiple books. Why can't Spotify do this with albums and playlists? I doubt the other platforms even had to discuss putting in the feature; it is just so obvious. My phone can beat a chess grand master, but cannot remember where I am in a playlist without me jotting it down in my notes.


I would just like to add my voice to this as well. While I am a relatively new user of Spotify, I was surprised that I could not have the system/mobile app remember where I left off in a playlist or to simply place a bookmark. A playlist I am listening to is 212 HOURS (9 days) long. I would love to work through it but finding where I left off...almost impossible. 🙏


This issue must be implemented. I have found a nice playlist. That includes 9983 songs, 490 hours.