[All Platforms] Setting for max Cache Size Allowance

The android version of Spotify currently doesn't have a setting for how much disk space the cache is allowed to take up, so it just keeps getting larger and larger until the entire drive is full. 


A music streaming app should not need several gigabytes of  drive space. Give us the option to cap this - getting real tired of getting told I'm out of disk space and having to manually wipe it.


This is crazy, every few weeks I have to manually empty the cache because it's making my phone unusable due to no space left.  C'mon Spotify, Deezer has this and they're way behind you in development (or maybe they're not anymore - maybe it's time to move to them?).


This is frankly unacceptable behavior for an App.  I have small enough storage space on my phone as it is and Spotify filled it up with Cache within a week.  


I don't care one bit that you can delete it, I should not have to!  At the very least, I should be able to prevent it from bloating excessively.  No other streaming app I've used has done this.


I am likely going to cancel my Family Premium Subscription and switch to Pandora if this happens a second time, which it sounds like it will.  It's not worth the aggravation or hard drive degradation.


My conviction is that Spotify don't want to change the fact that cache is never automatically deleted because it saves them having to invest in more hardware / servers, and pay much bigger electricity bills ! ...

I can't quote statistics but - your average Spotify User (you and me!) has his/her favourite songs/artists/genres etc. Being creatures of habit we listen to more or less the same music again and again, and rarely stray from what we KNOW to be GOOD music - hence we set up our personalised PLAYLISTS, which of course we much prefer to listen to than other "not-so-good stuff". If the music we habitually listen to is cached on our devices, then it doesn't need to be streamed from Spotify servers, but simply played from our devices - thereby reducing I/O contention on Spotify's servers, and saving on 1. extra hardware to keep their servers cool, and 2. electricity bills £££ $$$ €€€.

On reflection maybe this caching instead of streaming is good for the planet??? Spotify's carbon footprint would be a lot bigger if everything was always streamed. Trump does NOT know more than the vast majority of scientists.


Music Fan
An ever growing storage area can hardly be called a cache... Caches are
size limited by the musics we listen to the most can replace
the ones we don't listen to often or not that recently... are only taking
up storage for no useful purpose. And If we don't listen them much we don't
need to have them streamed from Spotify servers that much anyway so why
keeping them in the cache? It does little good both to the users and

how is this still an issue three years later?!?

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