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[All Platforms] Show release's year instead of remastered version's year

When I listen to a song, Spotify shows me the "Remastered Version" year, but this information is not interesting at all.

It would be better to place the actual release year of the song.

For example, listening the remastered version of "The Wall" from Pink Floyd, it shows 2011 as year, and not 1979.

And I would add the release year to every song generally.

Do you agree it would be much better, or am I the only one who wants to know the actual release year of a song I am listening to? 🙂

Edit 21.02.2020: I added a screenshot with my proposal. The year of the song beside name's group and not in song's title.


Updated on 2021-06-14

Hey everyone,


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As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


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Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2020-02-20

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea.


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100% agree. The whole idea with changing original song titles or albums titles/release year is total mistake. Please keep original release dates because historical order is important in musical evolution for every artist/band. The same should be kept with names. For sure this is not any artist intention to have songs renamed or mixed release order.


Why not to add additional field to a song description, where this kind info would be kept?


Hello @Guido and thank you for your update. Looking in the already approved ideas, I found this one approved in 2012...

I wonder how it was implemented, when I am asking the same thing 8 years later 🙂

Are you going to do something? I think it's important to know the song's year!

Thank you for your great service!


I fully agree with this idea. The current presentation looks terrible. Information about remastering is little importance and makes the title very very long.


The remastered version is a new work, and often the original work is ruined. (Looking at you, Carbon Based Lifeforms.) I think the remastered versions should be shunted into an entirely different listing such as you see with singles and compilations, and I'd like to see Spotify fight a little harder to keep the originals available.


I do think the user ought to be able to set whatever year he pleases, and for that matter change or correct any other information when necessary. Plus sometimes the date is just plain wrong, and certainly when the original release has been removed, your instinct to put the original release year is correct. (Also when by some miracle the remastered version isn't worse than the original.)


Indeed is very annoying having all this tracks/albums cluttered with a "remastered - xxxx" tag.

I think both titles and year should remain the same as the original, they could indicate if it's a remaster on the "show credits" window, or add a special section when viewing the album that indicates if it is a remaster.


Original year released would be cool to know. I have to try and find the original release date myself and it takes away from enjoying the song. If it is the original work, that's even better.


Or both


I agree with a lot that has been said here! The "Remastered" tags and years also really don't need to be in the album or song title itself, it could be added as background information much like a lot of songs have done when featuring other artists (displayed in a muted gray color beside the title).


I always search for the original release date and it's annoying to have different versions of the same album, but that's another point, so I'd like to have at least both dates shown. I.E : Original release: 1987. Version release: 2008.