[All Platforms] Show release's year instead of remastered version's year

When I listen to a song, Spotify shows me the "Remastered Version" year, but this information is not interesting at all.

It would be better to place the actual release year of the song.

For example, listening the remastered version of "The Wall" from Pink Floyd, it shows 2011 as year, and not 1979.

And I would add the release year to every song generally.

Do you agree it would be much better, or am I the only one who wants to know the actual release year of a song I am listening to? 🙂

Edit 21.02.2020: I added a screenshot with my proposal. The year of the song beside name's group and not in song's title.


Updated on 2020-02-20

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Gig Goer

I love this idea


100% disagree. If a title was remastered in 2011, Spotify should say so. There's absolutely no reason to listen to a beautifully remastered track and think to myself, "wow, that sounded great for 1979!" Or, "eww! The original 1979 version is awful! I want the version of the song I grew up with. Wait, did I grow up with the 2011 version, or is there some other version floating around out there that I don't know about?" As soon as we start incorrectly identifying songs in order to service some minutae preference, we end up confusing a lot of mainstream listeners.


As far as interesting information, it might be worthwhile to include original publishing dates, remaster dates, etc. to the metadata of the song, but that's it.


I agree with Jason. This suggestion makes no sense, although I understand where you're coming from.


The remastered version needs to reflect the release date for rights management and legal whatnots, in which case the original song release date is irrelevant. And besides, they are very easy to identify as remasters because of that extra length at the title, so it's also fairly easy to find the original song (if spotify even has it).

Gig Goer
Maybe we can have different settings. So if you prefer it to show the remastered title, you can, but if you prefer the original release date, you can change the settings to reflect that?


I think the more settings you introduce, the more complicated the app becomes, the more difficult it is to use and support.

Gig Goer
**bleep** never heard that argument but okay dude

While I agree this is annoying, it isn't Spotify's fault and is the fault of the publishers of those albums. Spotify could fix it, but whatever

Rising Star 18
Rising Star 18

I think that this is a great idea; most often I'm curious about the original release year of an album, rather than when it was remastered or re-released.