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I am a new user to Spotify from NZ and the first thing I miss having moved from iphone's built in music player is the sleep timer. I understand this feature stopped working in one of the recent versions of spotify App. If it is a compatibility issue partly related to iOS 5, may I suggest that you build a sleep timer into the App itself


Also, as suggest by one other Spotify user, Nyx, it would be even better if you could include an alarm featuer so we can all wake up to our favourite playlists within Spotify.


Thanks again for all the great work you guys are doing and we really hope you would consider this new idea.





Update: The issue with sleep timer seems to be working in iOS 8. 



Updated on 2019-05-28

Hey folks,


The Sleep Timer for Music is rolling out on Android. You can check out more info about it here.


As soon as we have an update on this feature coming to iOS we will let you know on this idea board.



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There are many great ideas floating around here but this one is amongst the very best, Kudos!
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Agreed, a sleep timer would be an essential feature for me.

Definetly a good idea. I'd really like a sleep timer. I often listen at night but usually haveto choose a suitable playlist so it doesn't play all night.


A variation that might also be useful is a configureable activity timer so that spotify stops if the computer has been inactive for a while (it should be possible to disable this as there might be instances where people want to play music continously)


Agreed. The music on my ipod is pretty rubbish. All my good music is on spotify so I'd love to be able to listen to it at night and have good music wake me up in the morning.


I also really would like this, on the basis I try and fall asleep to music, and right now thats not possible. I know it's not your fault, and its an inherent problem with ios 5.X.X.


This is a perfect solution which would also mean that these compatibility errors wouldnt occur in the future say for example when ios 6.X.X is released.

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I would definitely use both a built in sleep timer and alarm!

Would absolutely love this for my android phone - it would replace my old Chumby as my sleep/alarm, as Spotify doesn't work on that :\

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What are we waiting for people?!?! Let's do this!

Sleep timer please
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